Founded in 2001, Digital Garage has made a name for itself by providing progressive, creative and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by today’s media producers and educational facilities.

Our company culture is based on friendly, knowledgeable and responsive service in all stages of engagement with our clients. From the first contact through to facility maintenance Digital Garage have been able to provide exemplary support throughout the lifespan of equipment and installations.

Whether engaged in support, consultancy or sales activities we all have a technical background in one or more of the specialist areas that we work in, and pride ourselves in the passion, commitment and empathy that we have for our clients and the work they do while making sure all our engineers are authorities on state-of-the-art production and post production processes.

Vendor Selection

Here are our top 8 vendors generating most interest curently for web traffic and volume of sales;

AvidElite 1
ContentAgent 1

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