Avid Sibelius is a world-leading scorewriting program used by composers, arrangers, performers, music publishers, teachers, students and others tasked with creating and publishing high-quality electronic music scores. Sibelius is trusted by hundreds of thousands users to document their sonic vision and is the world's best selling notation app, with touchscreen tablet support, because you never know when inspiration is going to strike.

Score Software That Sings


Sibelius lets you enter and arrange notes using a keyboard, guitar or manual writing and gives you tools to help in the process, like Magnetic Layout and Dynamic Parts, which make layout details and instrumental parts easier. The app is designed for rapid and easy navigation and performance, so score writing is seamless. A task-focused frontend takes you through the whole score creation workflow so new users can get up to speed quickly, letting you view and get a handle on scores regardless of complexity. With annotation features you can leave notes for yourself or other collaborators for easier learning experiences.

Sibelius has flexible composition options for layout out scoring, customizing individual staff instrument sizes and groups. Expressive playback details help with judging rhythm and tempo, and a responsive smart notation interpration means every small detail of your score is recognised and displayed as intended. Sibelius has been especially optimized for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet so you use the touch-sensitive pen, adding and editing notes with a flick of the wrist and hearing revised music in realtime.

Get amazing detail for playback with Sibelius Sounds, with 36GB of professional audio content, rock, pop and jazz instrumentations. Sibelius' detailed typography and layout tools empower you to create aesthetically sharp and profession scores, letting you track, lead, scale, adjust fonts and alignment, add emphasis and source from a deep catalogue of graphics to give wide creative control and personalization. Leverage your score sheet for training, education and other content: make it entertaining and tell musical stories. Export into crisp, publication-primed graphics and PDFs. Music can be transcribed straight into Sibelius via Neuratron AudioScore Lite and PhotoScore & NotateMeLite, which reads vocal notes, instruments or music from a CD and adjusts sheets accordingly.

Integrate and Collaborate


With Sibelius, connecting with instruments and Avid software is simple. The app syncs up with workflows in Avid Pro Tools and Avid ReWire, which lets you record instrument parts straight to the DAW for more editing and mixing and audio tracks can be sent from Pro Tools to Sibelius for more advanced notes.

Collaborate with musicians and share compositions easily through email, or publication online, or video and audio files on Youtube, Facebook and Soudcloud, to connect with audiences for attention and feedback. The Sibelius | Cloud Publishing platform makes a customer infrastructure possible: publish online and give listeners options to view, play and amend scores, so they can experience music across devices. Write and share music that strikes a chord.