• Adobe Audition CC

    Adobe Audition CC is the industry-essential sound panel software for mixers, audio makers, sound artists and designers, allowing you to deliver pristine-sounding audio that makes an impact.

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  • Avid Price Increase

    These include the Avid NEXIS PRO, Avid NEXIS Enterprise E2 and E4, NEXIS Share Bundles, Pro Tools HDX, and several items in the S6 product line.

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  • Avid Pro Tools | MTRX

    Avid delivers detailed, intense sound quality with expansive routing and monitor control in their Pro Tools | MTRX audio interface, an exciting new addition to the Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native line. Comes with the high-level audio quality of DAD's AD and DA converters, making a powerful piece of kit that integrates smoothly with Avid Pro Tools | S6 and S3 mixing stations.

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  • Avid Pro Tools 3 & Pro Tools Dock

    Avid Pro Tools is pitch-perfect software for all professionals in the audio trade: producers, media mixers, broadcasters and recording studios. Whatever audio you're working on, Pro Tools is built to get the best sound possible, and is backed by a number of hardware options to help make that a reality.

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  • Avid Pro Tools Family

    Create. Collaborate. Be Heard.

    Power your sound with the tools that power the industry. Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world. 

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  • Avid Pro Tools S6

    Avid's Pro Tools | S6 is a comprehensive, immersive mixing station for professional sound engineers, offering a superior design, performance and control that is unmatched in the industry. The S6 is a modular control surface that brings the best tech available for a trusted, top-performing mixing experience.

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  • Avid Sibelius Family

    The Fastest, Smartest, Easiest Way to Write & Share Music

    Create beautiful, captivating scores more quickly than ever before with the world's best‐selling notation software.

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  • BVE 2017

    Join Spectra Logic, Marquis and Digital Garage for drinks at BVE!

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  • IBC 2107 - Avid Audio

    Avid Audio

    Dolby Atmos in pt 12.8 and s6

    Improved nexis support now for up to 12 seats and potentially more

    Faster disk cache

    Cloud collaboration coming very soon

    Expanding music creation features

    Pro tools license server coming to manage and share licenses coming in q4

    Pro Tools 12.9 will bring track presets

    Cloud sharing of scores from sibalius


    Some cool usability tweaks on s6 too 

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