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With a career spanning over a quarter of a century, Barrie Williams, owner of Pixelfantastic, has had a ringside seat at the evolution of post-production workflows. Pixelfantastic is a boutique facility specializing in color, conform and file-delivery for concerts, documentaries and episodic television. Barrie has delivered literally hundreds of shows over the years using a variety of mastering formats including tape, AS-11/DPP and UHD/4K files.

video europe

Video Europe’s footprint in the media and entertainment industry has grown tremendously over recent years with the company expanding its service offering and investment in the latest technology. Providing equipment and technical crew, the UK-based company handles productions of all sizes and scales, from live events and outside broadcasts, to onsite post-production.


Keeping up with the technological times can sometimes prove challenging in this industry, yet Wounded Buffalo Sound Studios has recently unveiled a new addition to its headquarters that brings it bang up to speed. Colby Ramsey travelled to Bristol for a chat with the team...


A high-end music recording and mixing facility designed around a 48-channel SSL Duality large format console with 5.1, large 3-way main stereo monitoring, extensive outboard, microphones, instruments and Pro Tools® | HDX system. Fully designed, wired and tested at our technical centre in Banbury and then shipped (via a private charter Antonov of course) to Libreville for installation and commissioning.


As subcontractor to Rydon Construction and in partnership with The Studio People, Digital Garage designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the new music facilities for Monkton Coombe School, Bath, UK.


The NWNCLC invited Digital Garage to provide initial consultation on the upgrade of their media production and teaching facilities in Perry Barr, Birmingham.

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