A high-end music recording and mixing facility designed around a 48-channel SSL Duality large format console with 5.1, large 3-way main stereo monitoring, extensive outboard, microphones, instruments and Pro Tools® | HDX system. Fully designed, wired and tested at our technical centre in Banbury and then shipped (via a private charter Antonov of course) to Libreville for installation and commissioning.

Digital Garage were approached by leading UK based studio design and build company, The Studio People, to partner on a large Music Recording studio for a high profile client in the capital City of the West African country of Gabon. The brief was simple... Build us the best studio you can, money no object.

The challenge... 8 weeks to design, source, build, wire, install and commission just in time for the clients birthday. On one hand the dream scenario, on the other a potential logistical nightmare! We've worked to many a tough deadline on countless projects across the UK and Europe, but this was different. A remote sub-Saharan location, a high-end complex audio studio and a very, very important client... the President of Gabon (no we're not joking). We love a challenge...

The Console - With a 48-channel SSL Duality SE console as the centre piece. The heritage of SSL consoles in top recording studios worldwide, along with the modern technology provided by the console and the legendary SSL audio quality made the Duality the natural console of choice for this project.

Monitoring & Outboard - Main monitoring from the impressive Dyanudio M3's with Lab Gruppen amps, surround provide by Genelec and KRK near fields gave great flexibility and outstanding audio performance.

A veritable feast of outboard analogue from Maselec, Neve, Empirical Labs, coupled with digital effects from TC, Lexicon and Bricasti.

DAW System - A beast of a Pro Tools® | HDX system with plenty of I/O all accurately sync'd with word clock generators and distributors. Countless plugins and software instruments created a DAW capable of the most demanding projects.

Microphones - A huge range of mics from Neumann, SE Electronics, Schoeps, AKG, Coles, Earthworks to capture every imaginable instrument and sound source.

But there was more!

A Steinway Model D Grand Piano, numerous guitars, percussion, synthesisers, acoustic drums, electronic drums.

And to round things off, an A/V system with 103" Plasma, surround system and a blu-ray player for good measure.

Oh, and we forgot to mention the fully equipped 40ft articulated trailer converted to a mobile music recording studio with SSL AWS console, Pro Tools® rig, PSI and Genelec monitoring, 65" plasma, all built, installed, tested, commissioned and delivered to Gabon.

So, did we get all of the above completed in time for the big day? We did indeed and we're looking forward to offering the same service to any other interested Heads of State out there...

telephone: 01295 702280