Changes to Media Composer | Cloud VM Option Requirements

Given the necessity for so many of our customers to find solutions for remote workflows and maintaining business continuity while navigating unexpected financial pressures, Avid has made a change to the licensing requirements for using Media Composer in a remote configuration. Starting this month, Media Composer systems that use partner technologies to enable remote desktop configurations (such as Teradici PCoIP or HP RGS) will not require a Cloud VM Option license. 

  • Media Composers running in a virtual environment (using technology like Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare) will still require the Cloud VM Option license to operate.
  • Similarly, Media Composers running in cloud environments (like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS) still require a Cloud Option license.
  • Media Composers running in a remote desktop configuration – meaning there is a Media Composer running on a workstation in one location and a user is connecting directly to it from another – will not require a Cloud VM Option license

This change will be made in Media Composer 2020.4, 2019.12.1, and 2018.12.11, all releasing in the second half of April. 

Please contact us for further details.