Its fair to say the team at Avid have been busy over the last few years, marking huge advances to the architecture and feature set of what is clearly now the industry standard digital audio workstation.

ProTools 12.4





ProTools, with its: HDX/32-Bit hardware; Extended Disk Cache; Avid Video Engine and associated 3rd party hardware support; significant I/O improvements; Metadata Inspector; & most recently Track Freeze.   …oh, and did we forget to mention the S6 Control Surface too!

We will be showing off our new ProTools and S6 fully integrated into furniture designed and supplied by Studio People.   We will be running the latest release from Avid, version 12.4, with the following features in particular on demo;

Version 12.4

Integration with Avid ISIS allowing us to seamlessly open session data straight from Media Composer onto the ProTools timeline, with MXF video files avoiding the need for time consuming transcodes to QT formats or similar.  These features will make a significant impact on workflow efficiency when moving projects between video and audio platforms.  Combined with Disk Cache and the new Track Freeze features, network bandwidth and system load are all managed intelligently to further optimise this transition from offline to dub.

With ProTools increased video hardware support now including the 3rd party offering Kona 4G from AJA and Avid’s own DNxIO, might we see UHD and above video resolutions straight from the ProTools timeline?…we certainly hope so!


In addition to the new features of 12.4 we will also be demoing the Dolby Atmos Panner AAX plugin within ProTools.  Our aim is to dispel some of the technical mysteries behind this truly immersive format and exactly how to achieve those 64 possible speaker outputs from your humble 7.1 ProTools system…

We will have Dolby’s Local Renderer software in action, emulating the hardware equivalent ‘Render & Mastering Unit’ (RMU) required to create those DCP files.  This will allow us to explore the principles behind Atmos mixing and further discuss how this is achieved using the hardware we can integrate for you.

At DG we have been working alongside a number of clients and their Atmos studio builds.  Whilst we unfortunately won’t have a 64 speaker setup at our stand, we will be able to go through the technical nuances and gotchas involved with integrating a full Atmos build.


'Interplay | Production manages and coordinates content creation, automates workflow, and empowers you and other contributors across your production and editorial ecosystem to collaborate effectively so that projects can easily move in parallel and be completed faster.'

This is Avid’s description of Interplay and we will have on display all the tools provided.  In addition to the Avid toolset we will show you how we have extended Interplay workflows outside of Avid with other manufacturers but still managed by the Interplay PAM.  These workflows include;

Automated Card Ingest

With ever increasing volumes of media created onto cards the need to automate the capture and delivery of this media with full metadata and re-link to original files is paramount.  We show two products, contentagent and NLTEK’s AutoIngest both provide direct check-in to Interplay

Tiered Storage

Storage management and archive is key to the daily operation for post.  We will show you managed services allowing you to move media to differing tiers of storage according to the type of access you require and ultimately provide you with the most cost effective solution. The storage on display will be

  • Online – ISIS 1000 and ISIS 5500
  • Nearline – Object Matrix
  • Archive   - Here we will look at two mediums,  LTO libraries with Spectralogic and the Optical Disc Archive with Sony

We will also explore Interplay integrated tools that allow the management of tiered storage but also maintain the link in the Interplay PAM.  These tools include;  NLTek’s Nearchive,  Spectralogic’s Black Pearland StorageDNA

Broadcast Deliverables – AS 11

We demonstrate an exclusive workflow for creation and QC of AS 11. Now rapidly becoming a standard in the UK we show how you can create these files using Media Composer or contentagent,  provide technical QC with Vidchecker  and  a Visual QC using Archimedia’s players.  Once errors have been recognised and corrected re-rendering of the AS11 is only effected in the areas that need changing and hence the long delays to re-render the entire file have gone.

UHD - 4k

At the end of last year we toured the country with presentations of UHD solutions from Avid and Blackmagic and considered workflows to enable existing infrastructure provide 4k solutions as detailed in our Q4 newsletter.  For BVE we bring these technologies to the show along with new products in the form of Atomos Shogun Studio.

Broadcast Pix

Provides a complete live production solution that scales from portable solutions for remote field capture through to all-encompassing studios.  Broadcast Pix brings together Virtual set with live video and robotic camera control and enables social media content all appearing live on air with simple repeatable operation.  Broadcast Pix allows delivery of production through standard SDi as well as being able to create live streaming video for all your web applications.

Promax – Workflow Server

Enjoy a custom tailored live demo of the ProMAX Platform solutions and learn how ProMAX will improve workflow efficiencies which include: Ingest, Manage Assets, Edit, Render and Transcode all on the same Platform server.

Learn how the ProMAX Platform Online Series is a true shared storage solution for 2K, 4K and Beyond.  Take a tour with us and experience how each Platform easily scales storage capacity, users and performance.  What’s more? The browser based UI allows users and administrators to manage the system and access content from anywhere on the network, and delivers a superior collaborative editing experience for creative workgroups.  In addition, Platform Servers feature a built-in transcode engine that can be upgraded to process up to 24 simultaneous transcodes. This enables creative groups to offload time consuming file conversions from their workstations. Create custom transcode workflows to convert media at ingest or for delivery with support for multiple formats.

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