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Really cool production management solution for premiere and editshare.

Brings with it flow integration and simple integration to oda and lto.

Would be perfect for educational users to manage student project creation and ensure that users used the right templates for a job.


Also works as a workflow orchestration layer too.


Helmit workflows

HelmutFX works in the background and manages search and administrative processes for Premiere project files. The tool supports cutters and editors as they work, thanks to a customisable program interface and personalised settings in the editing panel of their editing software.

HelmutFX sorts, distributes and backs up edited files automatically. Users can focus on their core tasks – whether they are part of a small production environment or a large-scale project with multiple participants across networks.

In contrast to the typical approach, where workflows are adapted to the software, the HelmutFX tool actually adapts to the workflow. The core of the software has been deliberately designed with a small number of functions that are used in every production environment. Expansion modules are available that allow the software to be adapted to customer-specific requirements. This approach creates maximum flexibility and secures the value of the original investment, as it is easy to incorporate changes to the workflow.



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