It is clear that 4k UHD (UHD) will arrive much faster than HD did, and now with the onslaught of consumer manufacturer’s supply of UHD devices from TV screens to Game Consoles through to Laptop/Tablets and even Mobile Phones the demand for UHD material will inevitably increase.

The first initial demands for this material is primarily coming from ISP’s such as Amazon and Netflix but already we have seen UHD sports transmission from BT Sports with both Sky and the BBC hinting at UHD deliveries for 2016.

So is it all hype designed at promoting sales of Consumer Electronics or is there more to UHD?

Clearly UHD comes with a higher resolution which gives us the finer details and crisper image and enables the large screen format but, probably the big advancement with UHD is the increased colour space.


The inner, solid triangle, is the current Rec. 709. All colours recorded in the current TV system lay inside this triangle. The outer, dotted triangle, is the proposed Rec. 2020 colour gamut.

In additional to the increased colour space UHD also extends bit depth from the current 8 bits to 10 or 12 bits this represents a move from the current 16.78 million colours for our HD transmission to 1,073,741,824 colours for 10bit UHD.   This will give us the subtlety of smooth skin tones and superior graphics currently lost with the bit step striations of 8 bit colour.

In addition to resolution, increased GAMUT and colour bit depth, UHD also reduces the amount of formats significantly by finally removing the need for interlaced video with a Progressive only format with support for up to 120Hz imaging, enabling simple integer division for re-purposing to 60/30 and even 24 frames rates. 

High Resolution Audio

If UHD is to be the major TV and home cinema innovation then high-resolution audio is looking to be the hi-fi equivalent.

Although the definition of High Resolution Audio is not set in stone it tends to refer to audio that has a higher sampling frequency and bit depth than CD and is typically represented as 24bit at 96kHz sampling.  

Today we are seeing consumer devices supporting High Resolution audio such as Sony's and Samsungs Smart phones. 

But what of the home cinema experience. Today many homes are equipped with Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 and we are also involved in installing new Avid Protools suites with Dolby Atmos  for Cinematic productions but new rumours are saying that there will be a UHD optical player that will give us Dolby Atmos for the home.


Perhaps with new speaker technology the idea of potentially up to 64 sound sources for a home cinema may become a reality.

Digital Garage UHD Tour

Understanding the needs of UHD and how to manage your transition to UHD in an affordable way is key to everyone’s success with this new format.  With this in mind, we have begun a series of exhibits, shows and tours presenting various manufacturers solutions for UHD.  This kicked off earlier this month with our StorageDNA - DNAevolution LTO conform Presentation;

This innovative workflow showed how you can extend your existing HD infrastructure to give to you an affordable solution to 4K finishing.


  1. High Res on LTO is imported into DNAevolution LTO/LTFS server.
  2. Low Res/HD is ingested into current editorial infrastructure.
  3. Finished sequence is DNAevolution via an ALE
  4. DNAevolution  finds media and restores to finishing station or storage.
  5. Final sequence is relinked and exported in High Res/4K
  6. High Res LTO tapes are archived.

We are now bringing UHD manufacturers into the regions with 2 new dates and locations;

7th December 2015

11th December 2015

Times: 10:00 – 16:00

To reserve your place simply reply to this mail detailing which venue you would like to attend and your ideal time.

Each venue will be showing the latest UHD solutions from;

blackmagic logo

Northern 1

Come and see the latest Blackmagic Design Ultra HD solutions

Blackmagic Design has recreated some of the real world workflows used in broadcast, live event and post-production all within a new mobile demonstration vehicle.

You can get hands on with 28 of Blackmagic Design’s products, featuring the very latest in Ultra HD, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI technologies. In addition to supporting Ultra HD, the industry standard workflows being demonstrated also support standard definition and high definition formats used in production today.

Using the ATEM 2M/E Production Studio 4K and ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel anyone involved in live production can see a complete workflow for creating live Ultra HD content, while the inclusion of a full

DaVinci Resolve finishing suite means that post facilities can also get a complete Resolve 4K demonstration. 



Edit 4K and other high-res media natively using Media Composer.

With native support for 2K, 4K, Ultra HD, and higher resolution media, you can acquire, manage, edit, and deliver content with speed and ease. Plus, you can view 2K/4K media in its native resolution on a client monitor—in real time—using Avid Artist | DNxIO or your choice of third-party Open I/O-compatible hardware.

Avid Artist | DNxIO

is a powerful, professional video I/O interface designed to simplify and accelerate your entire HD, Ultra HD, 2K, and 4K workflow. Artist | DNxIO enables you to capture, monitor, and output media quickly—in the highest quality possible. And because the interface, which includes hardware by Blackmagic Design, is designed to be open and flexible, you can use it with Avid and other creative tools too!

ISIS 1000

Get the industry-proven performance and reliability of ISIS in a more affordable, entry-level storage system designed for independent editors, audio post pros, and smaller post-production houses. ISIS | 1000 offers real-time editorial collaboration and the bandwidth you need to accelerate any media workflow 

telephone: 01295 702280