Xcellis Foundation is a brand new entry level StorNext 6 storage system for small workgroups and boutique facilities



Wow - brilliant big changes aimed at making the Media Central Platform properly modular.  Most exciting is a module directly for post, at last !


We will have a cost effective next generation solution for collaborative working for small workgroups

Designed initially for up to 20 users but highly scalable and possible to expand the solution to include the other elements from the platform

Gone are the old product concepts of Interplay Pam, Mam, iNews etc and we see modules instead which at long last gives us 1 client able to leverage all of the power of the platform


Lots of innovation coming including a premiere panel for seamless workflows within the platform




By bluejuicevideo

Data storage is probably not the most exciting topics in the post production world, but is arguably one of the most important. Your video assets are incredibly valuable and it’s essential they are stored and managed on a fit-for-purpose system, and this is one of the biggest challenges a video production agency faces.

Digital Garage Partner with Pixit Media to provide Industry leading high performance storage solutions:

Digital Garage has made a name for itself by providing progressive, creative and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by today’s media producers and educational facilities. Both Pixit Media and Digital Garage provide a consultative approach to media challenges, creating solutions to fit client’s specific needs. Taking Pixit Media’s understanding of the storage infrastructure requirements for media and combining with the expertise from Digital Garage on applications and workflow enables us to deliver solutions designed to exact client requirements.

email: info@digitalgarage.tv
telephone: 01295 702280