• EditShare Ark

    When the storms come, you need an ark. Media assets are precious and require protection against the technical misfortunes that can plague media creatives and production teams, putting hard work at risk.

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  • EditShare Flow

    Media, broadcast and production environments spit out files at a rapid rate, and you need a way to keep up with asset proliferation, ensuring creatives don't get buried and disorientated by endless files and folders.

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  • EditShare Geevs

    The award-winning EditShare's Geevs broadcast servers are engineered with the highly demanding workflows of modern broadcast production in mind. The Geevs servers are ideal for use with challenging broadcast functions like newsroom integration, live sports replay, multi-camera studio ingest and 24/7 scheduled play-out.

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  • EditShare Lightworks

    EditShare's Lightworks is a professional-quality app for video editors of all levels, one which creatives of comparatively little non-linear editing experience will find especially useful. The software is designed to get out of the user's way, making it as simple as it can to organise and orchestrate high-quality edits with minimal technical baggage.

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  • First past the Post

    POST IBC Event



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  • Get your Helmut on

    helmut logo

    Really cool production management solution for premiere and editshare.

    Brings with it flow integration and simple integration to oda and lto.

    Would be perfect for educational users to manage student project creation and ensure that users used the right templates for a job.

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  • XStream Shared Storage

    The award-winning EditShare are known for designing media management and storage systems that help creatives and media producers get the most from their material, and their XStream shared storage systems offer a range of media asset management and archive platform solutions for professionals along all points of the spectrum.

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