• Cinedeck - ZX

    Cinedeck is a media ingest & encoding server optimized for multi-cam production, post-production and finishing applications. Cinedeck gives Users many of the benefits found in tape-based workflows while gaining the processing power, speed and versatility of file-based technologies.

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  • Cinedeck RX2

    Cinedeck RX2 is perfect for environments where space and weight is at a premium, and when cooling and power draw are of utmost importance.

    All the connections are designed with protection and accessibility in mind. Like it’s predecessor, the RX2 provides a full-featured UI in a conveniently small package.

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  • EditShare Geevs

    The award-winning EditShare's Geevs broadcast servers are engineered with the highly demanding workflows of modern broadcast production in mind. The Geevs servers are ideal for use with challenging broadcast functions like newsroom integration, live sports replay, multi-camera studio ingest and 24/7 scheduled play-out.

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  • Gloobox File Ingest

    Automated File-Based Ingest

    Glookast's Gloobox Ingester & Ingester HR is a smartly designed file-based MXF piece of ingester hardware designed to facilitate the speedy and reliable movement of media and content data.

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  • Ki Pro®

    List of available Ki Pro products.

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  • Record Hardware

    M|80 is a portable capture device supporting 8 HD channels, ideal for multicam live recording events.

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