• axle Video & Media Management

    axle offer radically simple solutions for media storage and management, connecting your media platforms with data storage archives and helped the co-ordination of complicated media workflows. 

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  • EditShare Flow

    Production asset management software 

    With ever-growing production demands and the associated increase in media assets and users required to access them, every production project needs a sophisticated media management toolset.

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  • Get your Helmut on

    helmut logo

    Really cool production management solution for premiere and editshare.

    Brings with it flow integration and simple integration to oda and lto.

    Would be perfect for educational users to manage student project creation and ensure that users used the right templates for a job.

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  • IBC 2017 - Avid Media Central Announcements



    Wow - brilliant big changes aimed at making the Media Central Platform properly modular.  Most exciting is a module directly for post, at last !


    We will have a cost effective next generation solution for collaborative working for small workgroups

    Designed initially for up to 20 users but highly scalable and possible to expand the solution to include the other elements from the platform

    Gone are the old product concepts of Interplay Pam, Mam, iNews etc and we see modules instead which at long last gives us 1 client able to leverage all of the power of the platform


    Lots of innovation coming including a premiere panel for seamless workflows within the platform


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  • Marquis Edit Bridge

    Marquis Broadcast are in the translation business. They create solutions to help the various systems of modern, demanding media, production and broadcast environments talk to eachother, so you can use the tools you have to get the best content possible, without the workflow buzzkill of incompatibile systems and constant transcoding.

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  • Sony Media Navigator

    Media and data assets need a robust and flexible media asset management system to help you leverage and extract value from the material you have on deck.

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  • Spectra Blackpearl

    Information wants to be free, as the phrase goes. Managing data means co-ordinated between various platforms and creative teams. So asset storage is a balancing act, between sturdy security, that protects the health of your precious material, and elastic, nimble access, that helps you access and leverage files when needed.

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