Adobe Audition CC is the industry-essential sound panel software for mixers, audio makers, sound artists and designers, allowing you to deliver pristine-sounding audio that makes an impact.

A powerful audio post- production and sound editing application that supports audio files and advanced multitrack sessions, Audition CC is available as part the Adobe Cloud video and audio editing package, which provides professionals of all levels the essential tools for the job, and has round-up editing integration with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Mix And Edit Audio

mix edit

Mix, edit and create fantastic audio content with a rich feature-set that includes multitrack, waveform and spectral display tools. The formidable audio workstation helps expedite video production workflows and audio finishing. Use the Media Browser to easily import audio clips and effects, which cleans up the files before you get to work on them, and drag audio files straight from Explorer. Use Audition to record audio through mics and other recording tech, with tools for adjusting recording levels and playback controls.

Adobe Audition CC replaced the Audition C56, innovating over established features with 64-bit processing power that provides quicker processing time and new sound remover, preview editor and pitch bender options. Like Audition C56, Audition CC gives you the basic sound controls you need to optimize audio: tools like real-time clip stretching, automatic speech alignment, pitch controls, metronome, enhanced radio automation support and precise editing.

But Audition CC is extra-packed with tools and controls for every conceivable need, offering an advanced multitrack environmental, custom channelization, Dolby Digital support, Abode Soundbooth compatibility, iXML metadrama support, enhanced speech volume leveller and HiDPI support. Not forgetting of course the time recordings, marker import and export, auto-backup to Adobe Creative Cloud, dual display full-screen video, live relinking, streaming options from Adobe Premiere Pro, automatic loudness correction, synthesized speech generation and song duration

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