Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing platform for creatives of all stripes. Make amazing, sharp, dynamically edited video content for broadcast, film and web and social platforms with an app that supports multicamera editing through waveform auto-sync of multi-cam editing workflows.

Exceptional Editing


Premiere Pro works directly with native camera formats used by professionals every day and edits while you import so there's less standing around. Migrate from other apps like Final Cut Pro or GoPro CineForm straight into Premiere Pro's Project panel and use the intuitive workspace to make video content that gets hearts pounding. Lightweight proxies let you switch easily between high-and low-res formats, so you can edit on any device without stressing your system. Compose shots, refine edits and edit audio in the timeline and add Hollywood-level transitions, titles and music to match you vision.

Manage media and track your timeline with edit tools: lift and remove clips, create subclips or nest a sequence, trim clips, use markers, merge clips with audio waveforms and relink offline clips. Composition tools for layering graphics, clips and backgrounds, motion effects or looping animated backgrounds, while rich features let you add video and audio effects, control time flow, use masking and tracking on faces and stabilize jittery footage for a clean shot. Help future-proof footage with special virtual reality perspective controls and customized caption controls, especially useful for embedded video on Facebook and other web formats that prioritize caption over sound.

Mix the track, normalize audio and control volume and pan, use the Dynamic Link to Adobe Audition to do more advanced audio work. Use intensive colour palettes and tools and apply colour-correction with Lumetri Color or SpeedGrade to get a high-impact, film-quality final sheen. The advanced Lumetri Color toolbox expands your control over colour for more visually lush shots, with new preset SpeedLooks available in a simple click.

Professional Integration


Dynamic Link gets rid of intermediate rendering between Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition and After Effects for better, friction-free production workflows. Break transcoding barriers and edit virtually from any media type and device origin with wide native format support, right from smartphone-capturing footage to hyper-high-def 8K video. Export projects as Digital Cinema Packages, to Adobe Media Encoder for more effects work, or distribute direct to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook Video and other web and social media hosts for maximum audience attention.

Abode Premiere Pro CC is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, which opens up your asset collection via the app so you can rapidly leverage footage, including from Adobe Stock. The built-in Stock portfolio is a vast collection of royalty-free images, graphics and videos and the new Stock Premium set gives you specially curated content from some of the world's best creatives and makers. Creative Cloud Libraries can hold your graphics, photos, stock videos and other useful media for easy availability and creative project composition Adobe CreativeSync helps you connect assets across desktop, laptop and mobile platforms.

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