AKA Design specialise in the design and installation of technical furniture for studio environments, delivering furniture solutions to the audio, production and editing hardware needs of the space. The time-intensive tasks of editing and mixing require a workspace condusive to light-footed, complicated work and AKA Design offer a range of furniture solutions for audio and video editing and voiceover recording.

AKA Design offers a free design service, working off your floor plan and preferred system to achieve the most convenient, creative-enabling arrangement, and have decades of experience working with architects, engineers and interior designers to deliver media furniture spaces that work seamlessly with the industry's most popular audio and video tech brands.

The core range of desk configurations come flat-packed for friction-free delivery and assembly. The AKA Design team are available for consultation so your exact requirements and specifications are met: outside of the core product ranges, AKA Design offer tremendous flexibility with setup design, so that you get the furniture that works with the hardware equipment you already have and helps keep you in that all-important creative flow.

ProWave and ProCommand


ProWave is a flexible, modular desk system holding multiple pieces of audio and post hardware and can be used for grading, editing and radio facilities, built to accommodate a combination of racks and worktops. ProW25 and ProW50 models accommodate Avid's ProControl with 1 or 2 faders, Yamaha Nuage's command equipment and Avid's C|24 with 4U, 6U and 12U racks.

The ProCommand range of desks is the ideal solution for studios with Avid's D-Command surfaces. The centre sections are built for Avid's D-Command 8 Fader and D-Command 24 Fader and have adjustable 12U, 4U and 6U racks with to provide tailored arrangements for your setup. Also come with a 6mm toughened glass door.

Editing And Compact Desks


The ProEdit desk is designed for offline and online editing contexts, as part of the ProWave modular desk system which offers room for different configurations. It features three 3u top racks, allows for integration of bottom 12u racks, and supports deep monitor bridge for Grade 1 and wide screen monitors (optional flat screen monitor bridge).

Like the ProEdit, the ProLite desk is designed for editing environments but it is not part of the ProWave range and can't be combined with ProWave racks and worktops. It's suited to audio, editing and grading installations and is perfect for home studios and studios with limited size. Features compact off-line editing desk, 2.4m main workspace, three 3u top racks with shallow monitor bridge. The ProLite is the best choice for compact studio spaces, but it's the ProMedia that really excels in this area, a highly cost and space efficient arrangement commonly used for QC, monitoring and graphics desks. The ProLite features a compact off-line editing desk and 1.8m main workspace, with two 3u racks and a shallow monitor bridge.

The ProVoice desk is a a primarily acoustic, voiceover recording table well-suited for audio, post, radio and podcast recording facilities. It comprises of three interlocking compact veneer table tops with cable holes room for clutter-free microphone setup and requires minimal space, making it excellent for helping smaller studios and amateur podcasters punch above their weight in the competitive media marketplace.

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