Avid Pro Tools is pitch-perfect software for all professionals in the audio trade: producers, media mixers, broadcasters and recording studios. Whatever audio you're working on, Pro Tools is built to get the best sound possible, and is backed by a number of hardware options to help make that a reality.

Sound Mixer

sound mixer

Avid's Pro Tools | S3 is a dynamic, streamlined mixing system built for the contemporary sound engineer with friendly, ergonomic design. Working off the much-lauded Pro Tools | S6 control surface, S3 offers smart control over the toolsets of Pro Tools and other common Digital Audio Workstations. The portable, streamlined design, with packed mixing options, is excellent for more space-short studios and mixing environments, and on-the-go project work. Match with Pro Tools | Dock and Pro Tools | Control to enhance project workflows.

A set of 16 touch-sensitive, motorized faders bring rich, detail in the sound mix. Control channels, change automation nodes and record-enable tracks straight from the surface. Built-in visual meters help you track and adjust levels as required and 32 push-button, sensitive rotary encoders keep a firm hand on all aspects of the mix. Top-row channel control encodes allow you to make quick changes to inputs, inserts, sends and groups, while the second row attends to plug-ins, pan, EQ, compresser and other levels. Includes 32 OLED displays for communicating names, settings, channel metering and other information so you stay on top of the work.

Pro Tools | S3 comes packed with a built-in 4-input, 6-output AVB Core Audio interface to connect with the studio via Mac. Record performances with the 2 XLR mic/line inputs and 2 TRS line inputs, and use the ouputs for studio speakers, headphones and other gear. Simple editing and mixing paired with powerful EUCON support.

Pro Tools Dock

tools dock

Pro Tools Dock builds on the touchscreen workflows of the Pro Tools | S6 and the hybrid control of Artist | Control for a smart piece of studio control kit in a tactile and precise package. Works with your iPad for responsive touchscreen mastery music mixes and post projects, with a mixed design that combines touchscreen, fader, knob and switch controls to navigate tracks and sections. Listen to audio and adjust with intuitive touch control. Custom macros help with complex tasks and ergonomic controls design that don't distract from the audio.

High versatility means you can work with multiple software tools in parallel and manage every facet of production, mixing music and enhancing video, integrating with Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD, Logix Pro X Cubase and other EUCON-enabled DAWWs. Dock your iPad running Pro Tools | Control app and gain Attention Channel control and Soft Knob mapping. Use push-tip Soft Knobs to adjust parameters, speed up tasks with Soft Keys and automate tracks with a dozen automation switches. Use weighted jog wheel and switches to jog, shuttle, zoom and more, scrolling through projects with a pair of programmable touch strips. Pro Tools Dock is a compact device that offers expansive audio control.

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