Avid NEXIS Media production demands time, energy and space. Projects put stress on workflows and bandwidths, and the more complex they get, the more difficult collaboration becomes. Media producers and creatives need storage systems robust enough to store media securely and elastic enough to facilitate access, editing and sharing across teams and engines at a moment's notice, with minimal technical resistance. Avid's media software is used across digital media and entertainment industries and their NEXIS line of storage systems, working with Avid and third-party applications, is designed with real-time complexity in mind.

Nimble Media Management


NEXIS is a ground-breaking software-based storage system that is scalable, accessible and adaptive. You can combine and adjust workflows across engines, developing and customising efficient, cloud-based storage pools. NEXIS is media storage infrastructure built for the modern marketplace's high-pressure, high-resolution productions, which demand advanced and responsive media tools. 

NEXIS is designed to adapt to the shifting and demanding production process, when you have to be quick on your feet. As priorities change, you can reallocate and streamline relevant resources, scaling capacity without tick-tock downtime. Teams have on-demand access to shared pools of resources, allowing co-ordination across companies, regardless of size. NEXIS grows as you grow, with the chance to upgrade as your needs advance. From terabytes to petabytes, from dual drive to media mirroring protection, NEXIS is there along the way, meeting challenges both present and unforeseen. It's for life, not just for Christmas. Integration Across Avid NEXIS works with Avid's current MediaCentral Platform applications, integrating smoothly with your current set-up and offering remote workflows with Avid's Media Composer Cloud and MediaCentral UX. The web interface and management APIs are intuitive and uncomplicated, offering an expanding roster of options and services as your business develops. NEXIS is fuelled by Avid's distinctive file management system, the NEXIS | FS, a scalable, light-footed system that helps you access, customize and manage media across all your engines. 

Tiered Solutions


The main NEXIS 'E' line is available in a series of 3 tiers - small, medium and high density storage engines - designed to suit content creators and media businesses at various stages of size and capacity. 

All 3 run the 64-bit NEXIS | FS smart media distribution file system. The E2 and E4 come with a built-in System Director for strong systems management and support up to 40 clients and 8 million files. The E5's System Director Appliance boosts performance significantly to 330 active/600 connected clients and 20 million files. Each model comes with 2 solid-state systems and metadata drives (400 GB; 400GB; 800 GB) while jumps in the number of Media Packs mean higher maximum storages per engine (20-60TB; 20-120TB; 80-480TB) and bandwidth (400MB/s; 800MB/s; 3.2GB/s). Additional Media Packs, the optional System Director Appliance and Redundant Controller are all available to enhance and tailor performance and protection. 

Outside of the E-class engines, the NEXIS | PRO is an attractive option for more limited productions, still offering the NEXIS | FS file system, scalable storage from 20-80TB with up to 400MB/s bandwidth, but without E series physical compatibility. The NEXIS | PRO now includes axle Starter media management software and is available via a range of handy, all-in-one Team Bundles.  

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