Avid's Pro Tools | S6 is a comprehensive, immersive mixing station for professional sound engineers, offering a superior design, performance and control that is unmatched in the industry. The S6 is a modular control surface that brings the best tech available for a trusted, top-performing mixing experience.

Generous Mixing Design


The Pro Tools | S6 boasts a detailed, generous mixing surface design to match your complex production and mixing needs. Work with pre-loaded systems or customize your own with the raft of available faders and knobs, keyboard and script trays and features for surround and post mixing. Scale the mixing surface vertically or horizontally to suit your workflow. At the surace centre sits the Master Touch Module, the engine that powers the whole operation. The 12.1” tilting multipoint touchscreen and knobs and controls give you immediate access to all parts of your mix system, helping you navigate and control tracks, selecting, muting and record-enabling channels as you go, and monitor signals, metering and other essential parameters.

The Pro Tools | S6 is scalable and future-proof thanks to its reactive modular design, modifiable with the modules, options and accessories you need. Efficient editing and mixing controls and simple navigation of hundreds of tracks, plug-ins, pans and more with touchscreen controls. Excellent visual feedback as you work with Pro Tools waveform scrolling (edit those waveforms right from the surface). S6 M40 surfaces and multi-colour knobs keep you on track with channel info, meters, processing graphics, waveform scrollin, panning and channel nodes. Mix tracks from Pro Tools and also Logic, Cubase and other DAWS, mixing and matching channels from different ones on the one display.

Communication And Integration


EUCON is a efficient, high-speed Ethernet communication system that lets your control surface talk direct to Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro and and other audio apps on your network. Jump between software without resistance, so you can work with your audio no matter where it's located. The M40 Master Touch Module-based surface gives you control of up to 8 audio workstations anywhere in your studio facility, or 2 workstations with an M10 surface, so you can control and collaborate across all your audio media.

Pro Tools | S6 offers workflow acceleration, dynamic handling and strong DAW integration and partners with Avid Pro Tools for advanced visual feedback and efficient savers. You can automate tracks, amend plug-ins for wider parameter control, access all channels in a VCA Master across multiple channel strips, view gain reduction and scrolling waveforms and edit clips right from a channel strip. Pro Tools | S6 is compatible with Avid Pro Tools, Avid Studio Monitor Pro II, Avid XMON S6, Apple Logic Pro X, DAD/NTP Technology PRO, Merging Pyramix 8 (native) and 9.x, Cubase 8 and Nuendo 7. A mixing station for those serious about their sound.

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