axle offer radically simple solutions for media storage and management, connecting your media platforms with data storage archives and helped the co-ordination of complicated media workflows. 

Core Software 


axle Starter is, as the name suggests, the entry-level edition, bringing axle's simple media management capabilities to clients with limited experience or budgets. It creates proxies of media assets, letting you browse, preview, tag, share and order your media, with a straightforward workflow for moving media from axle to Abode Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro. 

axle 2016.2 is axle's core piece of software, the most up to date version of their trusted media management system, optimised for use with media libraries running up to 1 million assets. Use the friendly browser interface to search, mark, make notes on and access assets from any location, using low-bandwidth proxies for quick browsing experience. Compatible with storage options of all stripes: SAN, NAS, local RAID, working with Mac, Windows and Linux. The axle 2016 system comes with a special plug-in panel for Adobe Premiere Pro C so editors can search, preview and work on material without exiting the software.

axle Edit

axle Edit brings a professional editorial toolkit and interface to a wider network of media contributors. A rough but steady editing app for iPad and iPhone users, you just grab an internet connection, log into axle, and leverage your stored material to boost your capturing footage. Search and mix with other footage, apply straightforward timeline and storyboard editing of video and audio and save sequences locally with the H.624 proxy. Distribute your project to axle servers  for security and further collaboration and get excellent on-the-fly editing tool for journalists, producers, bloggers and vloggers: cuts, dissolves, media detail views, storyboard and timeline editing and access relevant news footage from servers. 

axle Transfer

axle Transfer is designed for transferring sequences between editors and comes in two forms: FCP and AE. axle Transfer FCP transfers material between FCP and Avid's editing and finishing systems, working with FCP7-to-Avid and Avid-to-FCP7 transfers and imports.  With Transfer FCP, both software apps can share projects without losing transitions, effects, images, time warps, 3rd-party effects, keyframes, media markers, cuts, dissolves, filters, audio and a range of matte keys. Avid Media Composer, Symphony, NewsCutter and DS are all supported so FCP7 users can access Avid MXF files with Calibrated Software's Calibrated MXF Import for OSX. axle Transfer AE gives you the same reliable transfer passage for Adobe After Effects. All media elements, including alpha channel info and masks, are preserved. 

axle Pulse


As the smartphone becomes the de facto news and video capturing camera, users need systems that are flexible and mobile enough to leverage smartphone footage for editing and distribution. axle Pulse is a mobile app that connects smartphone users with broadcaster and content publishers. Users can easily capture and share video footage, allowing media producers access to real-time, authentic content. Contributors simply download the app for iPhones or Android and can immediately shoot and upload video. Communication between users and media producers makes it easy to arrange collaboration and the logistics of shots, expanding the reach of the newsroom to the pockets of potentially millions of users.

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