For most of its lifespan, film has been exactly that: physical 16mm and 35mm film rolls, designed to be snaked delicately through light projectors, a fundamentally mechanical, clickety-clack process that is being left behind by advancements in digital film photography and high-resolution electronic consumption.

Audiences are getting more demanding in what they want from video and are starting to view high resolution as standard, whether on HD or Ultra HD televisions, or on increasingly sharp mobile screen devices. The Blackmagic Cintel film scanner is the standard for conversion from film stock to digital HD media.

Cintel, now a Blackmagic Design company, is a historically established and experienced force in the film scanning market, providing high resolution film scanning tools to a raft of film, TV and other media production industries. There are miles and miles of film reel, whether that's film, TV and amateur footage, sitting in archives around the world, gathering dust, inaccessible to the average consumer. The Cintel Film Scanner allows you to correct that gap and reanimate neglected and under-seen images. Turn film into the highest quality, natively 4K Ultra HD perfectly formatted for the expanding market of generously-proportioned, high-resolution televisions and mobile devices.

Streamline Design


The Film Scanner is a sleekly designed, aesthetically understated device perfect for wall mounting thanks to its thin, unintrusive frame. Film reel runs smoothly through the scanner with minimal vibration or audible disturbance, while the stiff, secure deck design means you can be content to let it run while you have your attention elsewhere. Its slender proportions mean the Film Scanner can be attached to walls or be tucked into free space in the office or studio. Sliding doors, built-in cleaning rollers and digital servos mean your film stock is well taken care of, ensuring no damage to valuable, precious negatives. You can count on the high sensitive imaging sensor and super bright RGB LED illumination to avoid the color fading and thermal pressure problems of some traditional scanner lamps, and the patented diffusing sphere tech reduces interferences from dust and scratches, so you can work with crisp, beautifully realised film scans.

Easy Thunderbolt Connection


The Cintel Film Scanner comes with a Thunderbolt 2 connection so you can hook it directly to your Mac, scanning the film straight into iOS, whether you're on desktop or laptop. Installation is easy and you can manage the scanned media with your own colour correction software. This is a rapid, trouble-free process and with Cintel's Mac OS X Thunderbolt 2 peripheral status, handy software upgrades and new features will keep you on point. Efficient scanning means little waiting around: every minute of film need just a minute copy time thanks to the smooth scanner design and substantial 20 Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 connection speed. HDMI output supports Ultra HD TVs and can be converted to SDI video with the Blackmagic Mini Converter. The Cintel Film Scanner comes with a copy of Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve Studio software for comprehensive colour correction control to give new life to old stories.

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