Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is a Hollywood standard all-in-one post production solution that combines dynamic editing capabilities with high quality colour correction for a high-powered all-round package, offering amazing levels of creative control.

Comprehensive Colour Grading

colour grading

DaVinci colour correctors have been used by film and media industry professionals for decades and have become standard for post-production colour grading and correction of footage, used widely across commercials, television and the biggest feature films. DaVinci Resolve is built with unlimited grading and a hyper-dense collection of the tools every colourist needs to get the best from the media they're working with. Working with nodes as opposed to layers means higher performance and more options for sequential and parallel connections and capacity for mixing and adjusting grades, effects and mixers, while an enhanced node editor facilitates rich navigation, swapping and selection features. The Camera RAW palette delivers high-quality control over de-bayer, colour space and temperature and other qualities, making it easier and faster to get the images you want.

DaVinci Resolve delivers powerful primary colour correctors to edit temperature, tint, shadows and mid tones, while richly accurate secondary correctors use precise colour qualification to target specific areas. Automatic Color Match works with footage on film, video and RAW to give you a primary base grade, balancing shots regardless of their source. DaVinci's unique YRGB 32 bit image processing allows a distinctive control over luminance gain and a substantially wider colour correction range. Highly advanced HDR (high dynamic range) tools and comprehensive colour correction capacity mean individual color spaces in multiple clips can be selected and graded with speed and accuracy.

Production Strong

production strong

DaVinci Resolve comes with intelligent professional editing, trimming, retiming, on-screen text, media management and sound sync tools to give you control over a range of productions, boasting context sensitive controls and keyboard shortcuts that cut down on time-sapping jumping between tools. DaVinci Resolve is scalable, supporting multiple MacPro, Windows and Linux GPUs for rapid, real time performance. You can balance systems for efficiency, offloading rendering to background tasks so you can focus on the work and meet the industry's tight deadlines.

DaVinci Resolve is built for the stresses of media and film production. The DaVinci Resolve control surface is lined with dedicated buttons, knobs, trackballs and automatic LCD labels to give you precise image management, so that grades can be retrieved, edited and saved with the flick of the wrist.

Robust media management tools make it easy to copy, combine and change media and projects and back up camera files straight from set to protect the important shots. Comes with powerful finishing options for finalise and distribute your media at any resolution, exporting high quality footage via EXR or DPX formats, or ProRes files for further editing in Final Cut Pro X. Edit anywhere and on any system: compatible with Avid Media Composer and Premiere Pro, and use AAF exports for ProTools with single layer video mix. DaVinci Resolve communicates with other established software so you get the best final product regardless of where or how you're working.

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