The biggest and most well-known broadcast brands in the world – CBS, NBC, ABA, Fox – use Broadcast Pix technology to bring on-air programming to life. Broadcast Pix delivers broadcasters complete, integrated solutions for live, streaming and broadcast video content.

As broadcast television attention diversifies, and media consumers and producers are turning to alternative, nimbler ways of creating and distributing video, Broadcast Pix develops a wider range of video solutions for live events like news programming, sports, business meetings, presentations, conferences, places of worship and music gigs.

Integrated Production


Broadcast Pix's Integrated Production Switchers provide all-in-one production solutions to create and control live video for broadcast or stream and are built for low technical point of entry. Depending on your environment and content type you're going to have different needs, and Broadcast Pix have a range of multi-format configurable switchers. The Roadie is a robust, road-ready switcher for streamlined, user-friendly on-location streaming, Flint is an ingest-friendly, streamlined workflow (6 multi-def and 4 network inputs) and Mica is a high-end, advanced video production system. The Granite switcher offers the strongest performance, built for the most challenging production environments.

Built onto the Production Switchers is BPNet, a cloud-based workflow and media management system that makes the task of video production simple. Share, convert, migrate and archive files directly from the Switchers and collaborate with other live-, post- and creative production contributors over the web. It has the features you need to keep complications down: drop and upload, instant preview, metadata controls, searchable content, secure sharing, transcoding.

BPnet has scalable, on demand storage and customized service options and helps you distribute content to your audience on broadcast, online platforms and social media. Access and view content from web browsers, desktop and mobile for ultimate control and diversity. BPNet enhances IP workflows enabled by Aspen, NDI, SMPTE 2022-6, and RTSP and facilitates data flow between switchers, clip and still stores, character generators, social media platforms, scoreboard information services, statistics, and other production tools.

Graphics and Audio Streams


Rapid CG lets you create data-heavy graphics that integrate with databases, RSS feeds and other customized datapoints to create responsive, informative graphics for screen display. You can automatically flow data, graphics and social media content, which is ideal for sports, elections, news and games shows, which require audiences to be kept informed of shifting data.

Slow motion sports replay is available via two Broadcast Pix systems, for either end of the market, so the moments the fans love are never missed. ReVue is a high-performance replay system that boasts a multi-source HD server, nimble controller and mult-view display, with tools for on-the-fly marking and up to 4 SDI ingest feeds. PixPlay is the more affordable option, empowering Broadcast Pix switchers to provide slow-mo control to a Hyperdesk of Ki Pro recorder.

VOX Visual Radio is the solution for syncing audio and video to provide high-quality streams, featuring automated switching and video-follow-audio, operator control, integration with multiple mics and robotic cameras. Radio and podcast audio recordings have been quick to key into the benefits of video-streaming the recording, so listeners can be viewers as well. From your bedroom to the newsroom, Broadcast Pix helps you deliver effective live content.

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