Cinedeck is a media ingest & encoding server optimized for multi-cam production, post-production and finishing applications. Cinedeck gives Users many of the benefits found in tape-based workflows while gaining the processing power, speed and versatility of file-based technologies.

Cinedeck’s UI and extensive feature-set has been designed based on years of feedback from a broad-range of Industry professionals – producers, camera operators, editors, engineers, machine-room technicians and facility operators & owners. The result is a product that addresses the needs of real day-to-day production and postproduction workflows.

Cinedeck provides real-time, simultaneous, multi-format, multicodec, multi-channel ingest and playback with user-selectable master & proxy file creation. Files can be recorded simultaneously to multiple destinations and redundantly in realtime. Cinedeck supports every popular codec, wrapper and resolution and encodes edit-ready files. Since Cinedeck uses an Apple ProRes encoding license, it produces the highest quality ProRes files available anywhere. Currently, it is the only device other than on-camera recording that can record and play-out 4K media up-to 60p in real-time.

The Cinedeck product line includes the 2-channel ZX20 and the 4-channel ZX40 and ZX45 models. Each channel has RS422 machine control and operates independently so several functions can take place simultaneously – record, play-out, re-wrap or sit idle. And, Cinedeck’s advanced machine control capability allows it to be configured as master/slave with almost any system or device – Avid, FCP, Premiere, Tape-Deck, ProTools, Clipster, Telecine, etc…

One of Cinedeck’s many unique features is its ability to perform true file-based insert edits. This feature allows Users to punch into closed, flat-files that have been created anywhere to change frames of audio, video, closed caption tracks or a combination of these without having to re-export or re-render the file. It also allows online editors to assemble edit onto “pre-blacked” files as edited sequences become available. The internal labor costs and time saving from this feature alone are significant. Cinedeck's insert edit feature supports all the most popular file formats and is resolution and wrapper independent - which means that last minute changes to your deliverables are done fast and efficiently.

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