File to File Insert Edit Application for Windows and Mac OSX

cineXinsert is cinedeck’s stand-alone, file-to-file insert edit application for installation on your Mac or PC. cineXinsert is a ground breaking NLE companion application that shaves hours off the time spent making changes. Start saving time and money now, with a tool that will accelerate your post workflow immediately. .File formats supported are DNxHD, Prores, AVC-I, XDCAM HD, JPEG2000 and DPX.

The cineXtools UK DPP AS-11 Metadata Editor instantly adjusts, validates and updates the DPP required metadata that accompanies AVC-Intra 100 master files. The Metadata Editor is extremely useful to content producers delivering files to companies and broadcasters that endorse the technical specifications set out by the United Kingdom’s DPP (Digital Production Partnership).

Combining the ability to overwrite fixes to video and audio with the insert edit tool, and the AS-11 metadata editor means that delivering AS11 files just got a whole lot easier.

Additional planned support includes being able to rewrap any AVC-I file to an AS11-DPP file. Then use the cineXinsert metadata editor to fill in the appropriate fields.

Easy to use

Simply open your new material – video, audio, or closed captions in the player, open the target file on the record side and setup and trigger a three-point edit. cineXinsert frame-accurately places the new content into the destination file with no need to re-export the entire program.

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  • Need help getting started with cineXtools? Check out the FAQ here: (FAQ: Might I get some help with my license?)
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