Large media productions rely on a vast, sometimes intimidating, repertory of digital file types and formats: audio, video, visual design and a myriad of other essential media formats must be accessed and organised into workflows for projects to run smoothly and efficiently.

Root6's ContentAgent provides a central organising hub for the files to be need integrated in workflows, a way to order and automate the needs of file-based workflows from ingest to final output. Files migrate easily across formats and platforms for friction-free work.

Simple and Scalable


ContentAgent provides an intuitive interface for users to easily create and automate workflows, in a manner that is secure, robust and works away on ingest-intensive operations, letting you get on with the creative work. A range of tools and integration with the most reputable third-party applications, including Avid, Interra and Vidcheck, provides the features you will need, like automated file-based QC. Orchestrate specific workflows for your project needs, automating tasks via the clear intuitive graphical workflow designer and customizable Decision nodes. ContentAgent is a strong independent system and can be integrated in networks, scalable with optional render nodes for extra options.

ContentAgent is a powerful, reactive file system built on industry working practices that cuts down on unnecessary human and technical resources. Its simple and highly customizable core functions means it can meet file and automation demands from small projects to large-scale operations, linking and branching multiple tasks in intelligent tree-style flow paths. The simplified user interface enables non-technical users to initiate automated workflows, so operations can proceed with basic staff training. Monitor work in progress via a web access or automate report generation and email alerts to keep users up to speed with file process.

Automated File Management

file management

ContentAgent provides fiddle-free loading and organising files from projects, cutting on the inefficient waste of manpower and time. The automated ingest of camera card media, supporting all common card types, delivers those files straight to your system, and gives you control right through to master file creation. You can be content in the robustness of the decision-making process via automated file quality control protection, which can check video, audio and custom metadata and filter accordingly. Again, Decision Nodes are useful for charting directions for files through a workflow based on a question-and-answer series, while at the other end DVD creation can be automated to make video viewing and distribution quicker.

ContentAgent is built for video, CPU and GPU processing for common PAL/NTSC conversion jobs as well as conversions of frame rates, field order, progressive and cadence issues and resolution scaling right up to Ultra HD and 4K. Its integrated transcoding system is designed for the pressures of broadcast, film and web post production workflows with dense file needs. In particular, ContentAgent is an established solution provider to the creation, QC and delivery of AS-11UK DPP files and metadata and provides an ideal mechanism of delivering compliant MXF files to broadcasters.

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