Intelligent scale-out storage for mission critical production pipelines

When the storms come, you need an ark. Media assets are precious and require protection against the technical misfortunes that can plague media creatives and production teams, putting hard work at risk.

The XStream EFS family of storage products provide producers with a blazingly fast, unified and tailored media storage environment that incorporates nearline, online and archive. EFS solutions are ‘media optimised’ for superior performance in every area. Designed to work effortlessly, offering smooth collaboration with all leading creative editing/compositing and grading solutions. 

Scalable to meet your needs. It’s ready when you are

EFS is an extremely robust, high performance, distributed architecture that has no single point of failure and that will never degrade in performance. The XStream EFS range meets the needs of media facilities of all sizes. While the 450 model delivers ‘enterprise-class’ performance for top-tier facilities, the newly introduced and multi award-winning 200 and 300 standalone solutions offer a cost-effective means to add EFS scale-out efficiencies to your infrastructure, enabling you to expand capabilities as demands dictate. Engineered specifically for media workflows, EFS enables a facility to grow above and beyond 5 petabytes in a single namespace all whilst maintaining colossal bandwidth for multi-stream 4K files.


  • Single namespace eliminating management of multiple storage volumes
  • Distributed file system and hardware redundancy ensure the highest level of data protection
  • EFS Native Client direct connectivity delivers superior performance
  • Intelligent SwiftRead system protocol manages data access contention
  • Combine HDD-based EFS servers with the EFS SSD server for versatile storage clusters with easily configured media spaces
  • Choice of file protection mechanisms to suit content value and cost
  • Tremendous scalability with data automatically redistributed with no downtime
  • Powerful ACL controls for optimised sharing
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