Media, broadcast and production environments spit out files at a rapid rate, and you need a way to keep up with asset proliferation, ensuring creatives don't get buried and disorientated by endless files and folders.

EditShare Flow is a substantial media asset management platform for full, all-round control of all files of a production process. Files need to be ordered and catalogued for access and retrieval during demanding production processes, in a way that encourages interaction and collaboration across a large number of media assets and users. Available via server, web client applications, Windows and Mac OS X, the Flow Media Asset Management is absolutely packed with tools to get your files under control.

Browse and Collaborate


Flow Browse gives you quick access to your media and metadata collection, letting users search, browse, preview, import and export metadata from other systems, log, create sub-clips and more for highly organised, highly collaborative workflows. Cuts -only basic editing means you can create sequences quickly, finishing with compatible NLEs like Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro. Run customized, automated searches, or use Flow Scan to index media, extract thumbnails, automatic content checks. Review rushes and edits across locations and devices, add markers and make changes.

AirFlow is built for open, secure, platform independent collaboration across a multitude of contributors. AirFlow uses current on-premise storage for secure access to your media from anywhere with an internet connection. The clear, user-friendly interface lets creatives search, organise and edit from home or office, download proxies and high-res files.

Flow Automation reduces the time wasted on low-labour repetitive work by allowing you to automate tasks like copying, moving, deleting, transcoding and relocating projects or media files. These can be configurated to specific times or user actions. Additional Flow Worker Nodes takes even more pressure off for processor-greedy tasks. Easy to use schedules and drag and drop interfaces make composing and organising workflow jobs a cinch.

Logging And Ingest Solutions


Flow Logger is built for quick and easy one-click logging, so you can design custom metadata templates with standardized categories, keywords, names and other information. This is especially useful for live events but is also handy for pre-recorded footage too. Create logs, mark time codes and create transcripts, advanced logging with durations, rapid single-entry logging, persistent metadata and ganged clip metadata.

Flow Ingest offers solutions for moving clips into the asset management system: multi-channel baseband HD/SD-SDI ingest and flexible file-based ingest. View and manage raw clips, preview video streams and feeds, choose your codecs and wrappers and provide initial metadata. You can view the ingest to create markers, or you can let Ingest do the heavy lifting while you work on your own application. Flow HD/SD -SDI ingest servers include 2 or 4 video inputs, RS422 deck control and 8 channels or AES audio standard for each 2 video channels and work with Avid's OpAtom MXF format as well as standard formats like QuickTime.

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