All Geevs servers are supplied with Geevs Client software as standard. With an enhanced feature set, Geevs Client provides the tools for control of live capture/playback including batch record and multiple server control, plus integrated media management with EditShare's Flow database. For more specific workflows Geevs capabilities are further enhanced by using dedicated client software:

Geevs Studio MC 

Multichannel synchronised ingest for up to 16 cameras with automatic incremental metadata such as episode, scene and take

Geevs Live 

On-air control of multiple play channels with fast selection of rundown clips

Geevs Sports 

Multichannel synchronised ingest and playout of up to four camera feeds with instant replay and dynamic slow motion replay

Geevs also provides a range of utilities that ensure general workflow tasks are managed intelligently and securely, and ensuring uninterrupted record/playout:

Geevs Translate

File conversion and interchange tool for managed / automated rewrapping or transcoding between files formats using watch folders.

Geevs Local Failover

Simultaneous recording clip media to central and local storage, the Network database is used for metadata. Optional switchover to local database/storage in case of network fault will always keep you working, included synchronisation scripts for switching back to central storage and database on network recovery.

EditShare Quality of Service

Using EditShare QOS Geevs is always guaranteed the storage and network bandwidth required to clip capture or playout.

Workflow Integration

Along with workflow specific software applications, Geevs can also be easily integrated into third party workflows:


Free API for third Party integration and custom development. A high level XML API over TCP/IP providing access to Geevs’s Media Management e.g. access to clips or a collection of clips, Channel Control of transport functions such as record or play and providing Notifications, informing interested applications about events occurring within Geevs. Requires API support option for the first year.

Geevs MOS

MOS server software and dedicated server with Active X Plugin to interface with MOS supporting Newsroom System to control Geevs channel rundowns. Needs Geevs Live client for playout channel control via mouse, keyboard, shotbox or GPI control (Vision Mixer).

telephone: 01295 702280