The award-winning EditShare's Geevs broadcast servers are engineered with the highly demanding workflows of modern broadcast production in mind. The Geevs servers are ideal for use with challenging broadcast functions like newsroom integration, live sports replay, multi-camera studio ingest and 24/7 scheduled play-out.

The Geevs server range includes the Geevs HDP2/2 with up to 4 SD or HD I/O channels and Geevs HDP 4/4, with up to 8 of the same channel options. Geevs servers are now available in 2U chassis, a smaller, sleeker version ideal for leaner content, post-production and studio environments that comes with optional upgrades of additional storage and servers. They offer up to 48TB of storage with RAID 5 or 6, full integration with Editshare shared storage systems and EditShare Flow media asset management, as well as third-party storage and media management solutions.

Geevs Client Software

client software

Geevs servers come with Geevs Client software included, providing you with a comprehensive set of tools and options for managing servers, recording, live capture and video playback, media management. Different production environments have different priorities, and Geevs Client has a set of tailored software solutions for specific sets of client needs.

Geevs Studio MC is a control hub for multi-camera productions, supporting synchronised ingest of up to 16 cameras with automatic metadata and features that include episode matched media spaces, GPI/Vision Mixer support, markers for errors and instant review of synchronised angles and edit sequences. Studio MC provides real-time generation of Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier for convenient and time-saving collaboration with post-production editing systems.

Geevs Live allows on-air control of dual play channels and clip selection and integrates with third party vision mixers through GPI for clip playback from mixer desk, and supports newsroom integration with Rundowns and MOS Objects. The user-friendly interface allows you to create and control playlists on up to 4 channels on a server and create playlists and integrate with popular MOS-based newsroom systems like Avid iNEWS, ENPS or Octopus.

Geevs Sports


Geevs Sports is an all-in-one package for sports coverage production for broadcasters, in-stadium video producers and other training and sports facilities where footage capture and analysis is a priority. Geevs Sports has a number of core production tools: the Multiviewer for comprehensive angle coverage, a nimble, compact Sports Controller and action-logging client Sports Assistant, instant replay with slow motion control, playlist management for packages and highlights and multichannel support for four synchronised camera feeds.

In addition to the core set of client software, EditShare Geevs comes with a range of features to keep workflows efficient and intelligible: Geevs Translate for rewrapping or transcoding in file conversion; Geevs Local Failover and Geevs Record Local and Network Forward, which use central and local storage options to keep media secure in case of network failure; the EditShare Quality of Service, which locks in required network bandwidth and storage; and supported integration with third party workflows. So whatever your broadcast requirements may be, just ask Geevs.

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