EditShare's Lightworks is a professional-quality app for video editors of all levels, one which creatives of comparatively little non-linear editing experience will find especially useful. The software is designed to get out of the user's way, making it as simple as it can to organise and orchestrate high-quality edits with minimal technical baggage.

Easy Drag-And-Drop


Lightworks organises your editing with a simple drag and drop timeline that helps you get through project work briskly and intuitively. The standard editing tools are present: insert, replace and fit-to-fill video footage, adjust parameters like clip speed, control clip, track volume and apply various video effects and transitions. Lightworks is built to cut down on the distractions that working with multiple formats brings, so whichever codec, or format, or frame rate you are working with, Lightworks will service and support it and make sure technical formalities aren't forcing you into compromisions on your creativity.

Lightworks is particularly distinguished by its light and easy trimming tools, making it less complicated for editors to cut footage, especially compared to other editors on the market. If you're working with multicam shoots too, it's easy to co-ordinate all your shots, even as they come in from different sources and resolutions, thanks to Sync Group's boosting of multicam editing possibilities. Lightworks also makes stereoscopic footage as simple to edit as its 2D cousin, automatically tracking left eye and right eye perspectives during the import, editing and export process so you can display and judge as you need to, using Anaglyph, Side-By-Side, Checkerboard or Difference layouts. Handy AutoSave feature keeps your editing work up to date, recording every keystroke and every edit so that when catastrophe strikes you haven't lost critical work.

Smart, Open Design


Lightworks takes advantage of EditShare's flagship shared storage platform, providing flexible and reliable ways to edit, access and transfer media, and offering special support for Final Cut Pro and Avid users. Share files, bins and edits in real time with customized access protocols so you're collaborating with the right users and the right teams, with uncomplicated configuration and maintenance of ongoing projects. Attentive Media management tools make it simple for users to search and log media, run automatic edits and storyboard content, so multiple departments can work together on videos without confusion, even when they are dealing with a massive amount of data.

Emphazing speed, Lightworks uses realtime GPU pipeline infrastructure to make effects rendering quick and unintrusive on your hardware load. Compositing and effects tasks like primary and secondary colour correction, blurs, mattes and masks are handled smoothly, even when working with high-resolution or 4K videos. Lightworks has broad support format for video professionals, running encoders and decoders for ProRes, Avid DnxHD, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO HD and more, so you can jump straight into the work.

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