Marquis Broadcast are in the translation business. They create solutions to help the various systems of modern, demanding media, production and broadcast environments talk to eachother, so you can use the tools you have to get the best content possible, without the workflow buzzkill of incompatibile systems and constant transcoding. Marquis' Edit Bridge offers media producers friction-free integration of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects CC in Avid Interplay's trusted content management environment. Avid Interplay integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CC gives you more control over the editing and finishing of video content for film, TV and web.

Edit Interplay in Premiere Pro And After Effects CC

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Adobe Premiere Pro editors can browse and preview the media contents of Avid Interplay and import assets into Premiere Pro via the available codecs, transferring by reference or to a network location for wrapping.

Marquis Edit Bridge's Interplay Browse and Ingest panel kit for Premiere Pro lets Adobe creatives browse, locate, preview and view thumbnails for the media content of an Avid Interplay content system and bring relevant assets into use in Premiere Pro for further editing work. For extra file security you can import and edit without directly transferring content, using proxy versions of the original Avid files, or you can transfer from Avid ISIS and convert media to MXF Op1a for optimal Premiere Pro use. The Marquis Edit Bridge panel checks the codec of the Avid source media and assigns an appropriate workflow, and can be configured to respond to codecs smartly and automatically for user convenience, so editing can begin immediately whilst other content is copied locally.

Edit Bridge works in the other direction as well, quickly and seamlessly export media content from Premiere Pro into Interplay's production asset management platform. Or create content in Interplay, using MXF OpAtoms on ISIS. Edit Bridge manages the export process to final completion, capturing and preserving the precious sequence details and other metadata. Export recalls a chosen present from Adobe Media Encoder (AME) for the flattened file; convert to Avid MXF OpAtoms, migrate to ISIS and park media in Interplay using Avid's Interplay Web Services.

The Marquis panel for Adobe Premiere Pro connects with Interplay's web service network and talks to Interplay to seamless integration. Information from Interplay Browse/Search is displayed, import is initiated and transfer progress is shown to the user. The Marquis export panel syncs up with Adobe Media Encoder to organise the export and flattening of sequences, using MEWS to move the flat file to Interplay. The core processing tasks are organised by the centralised Marquis services, using Marquis Web Service and Marquis Medway Engine Web Service to handle content communicate, transfer and rewrapping.

Flow Logger is built for quick and easy one-click logging, so you can design custom metadata templates with standardized categories, keywords, names and other information. This is especially useful for live events but is also handy for pre-recorded footage too. Create logs, mark time codes and create transcripts, advanced logging with durations, rapid single-entry logging, persistent metadata and ganged clip metadata.

Flow Ingest offers solutions for moving clips into the asset management system: multi-channel baseband HD/SD-SDI ingest and flexible file-based ingest. View and manage raw clips, preview video streams and feeds, choose your codecs and wrappers and provide initial metadata. You can view the ingest to create markers, or you can let Ingest do the heavy lifting while you work on your own application. Flow HD/SD -SDI ingest servers include 2 or 4 video inputs, RS422 deck control and 8 channels or AES audio standard for each 2 video channels and work with Avid's OpAtom MXF format as well as standard formats like QuickTime.

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