Marquis Broadcast are essential partners for companies with large-scale media movement operations, designing products perfect for keeping workflows simple, cost-effective and easy to navigate, with a particular focus on established Avid systems. Marquis Broadcast's Medway is an adaptive media and metadata workflow automation solution that empowers creatives working with file based mixed media projects.

Media Co-Operation


Marquis Medway is a communicator and translator, coralling your various editing platforms, media asset managers, video servers and archive and storage systems into harmonious co-operation. Medway effectively eliminates file incompatibilites that hamper efficient and collaborative workflows, providing an effective, easy-to-use drag and drop interface so you can move media and metadata across different broadcast systems. Medway moves media between multiple broadcast systems rapidly by rewrapping and transcoding in a unifed data transfer stream, connecting with video servers, master control, media asset management and storage platforms along the way.

Medway provides users with smooth, interruption-free workflows, taking care of the rewrapping and transcoding files need to jump from one system to another so your media content and metadata stay uncorrupted in their travels, even when incompatible formats are involved. Speedy export from Avid with minimal failures of drops in transfer rates. Configure workflow to your specifications and let it run automatically on scalable, multi-site capacities. File processing and transfer can being whilst media is still being recorded or created, for time-sensitive projects like breaking news packages. Map media and metadata to destination profiles and codecs for safe harbour. Rewraps help convert across multiple manufacturers' standard formats and Midway processes and matrixes audio by converting bit depth rates, merging or moving tracks, converting stereo and mono acoustic settings. Closed captions can be applied to video media, extracted or scrubbed and APIs can be updated for archive and playout. Medway's media migration prioritises consistency of media quality and integrity so you can be confident the power of your team's creative vision never gets lost in translation.

Medway supports file types from top media and broadcast providers, including Apple, Avid, Adobe, XenData, Oracle and others, guiding them from source to target with its smart file migration architecture. It provides excellent cross platform integration possibilites for editors using Media Composer, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro 7 or X editions, employing a broad range of media, codecs, wrappers and manufacturer specific variants. Medway's expansive support and solution palette means it is employed by some of the businest broadcast, newsroom and production teams in the world.

Medway helps you focus on project work over technical fiddling, keeping this process running in the background for minimal distractions. For enhanced functionality, Medway can connect to Marquis' Media Asset Management Systems, sourcing reference edits from Browse Systems and providing file registration to Automation Systems.

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