Avid is the industry benchmark in large-scale video production. But once all your data and content has been produced, where do you put it? And how can you manage archives that seem to be ever-expanding? Marquis Broadcast's Parking software is a line of applications designed to address those needs, a range of products that simply and automate the management, backup and archive of Avid's stored content. Many broadcast and media enterprises use Parking for active storage housekeeping, trusting it to catch orphaned files, export finished projects to the archive server and keep file systems neat and efficient.

Project Parking And Server

Apart from the free version, which performs basic functions of storage analysis and Interplay integration, Parking is available in six core forms, designed to complement media capacity sizes and needs. Project Parking is a strong all- rounder app for managing Avid projects and Avid ISIS, with a simple toolset to analyse and manage media so you are making best use of your storage space. Use Parking to archive projects, transfer them to laptops or other devices, remove redundant files, optimise shared storage space and get rid of data clutter.

Project Parking provides an Avid project/workspace aware toolset and helps you judge when to move data blocks onto other storage venues to free and speed up stored media to save production workflow time and money. The Parking Server empowers you to schedule Project Parking archive tasks to run regularly and in the background of existing applications with minimal input from users. Parking Server offers solutions for archive integration, archive projects, consolidate projects, finding duplicated and orphan media and take projects offsite.

Solo Parking is Project Parking's little cousin, giving you similar benefits of storage analysis and transfer and aiming for optimum space and convenience. The Avid project/workspace toolset helps boost your day-to-day system speeds by archive, transferring and restoring Avid projects, bins and sequences, giving you tools to analyse, manage and optimize local storage solutions.

Parking WorkSpace and Archive


WorkSpace Parking offers premium disaster protection for Avid storage should catastrophe strike. Whether it's flood, building wear and tear, theft or some klutz tripping over the absolute worst cable possible, Workspace Parking provides iron-clad continuity assurance for data damage so that you can protect and recover valuable Avid stored media without much fuss. Workspace works via backup creation mechanism on tier 2 storage with media duplication and can be set to run regularly with MD5 checksum backups. The intelligent backup process priorities the most recent version of projects for automatic backup so new material isn't lost, backed up by customizable retention policies and easy restoration.

Analysis Parking helps you understand and manage archived processes. Archive Parking is ideal for archiving whole Avid projects, including all bins, sequences and media files. Free up crucial space by copying projects to near-line, offline or external storage, and set parameters to control and customizable what media moves where. Unlock the potential of your Avid projects by making them portable, giving creatives the flexibility to collaborate across locations.

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