Object Matrix is a Welsh company dedicated to enhanced data storage solutions for media and data-intensive operations. They provide archive and retrieval solutions and systems integration designed from by storage industry experts with user experience in mind. MatrixStore, their core nearline storage solution, comes in a range of configurations and is scalable as the needs and demands of the business develop.



MatrixStore is a storage cloud that integrates with workflows and provides an integrated, automated nearline platform for multiple workflows, storing and organising data and metadata as you work on projects. Hosted MatrixStore-as-a-service (MaaS) is dedicated to your usage, configuring public and private clouds in hybrid modes for customized access, where on-premises MatrixStore acts a cache to the cloud MaaS. MatrixStore is flexible in size and performance and features essential tools for storage and media management: implementing data storage and protection protocols automatically; flexible hardware compatibility; SMB, NFS, CIFS, local volume file system with FTP, Amazon S3 and MatrixStore API access. MatrixStore is geared towards efficient and productive data storage.

You can use the intuitive interface to search, browse and organise the MatrixStore inventory. Access your data across projects and geographical locations using public and private cloud services and point to point comms. It offers mass data loading and offloading options; multiple replication and usage models; and an API integrated into Partner apps for smooth, connected workflows, including Avid and Adobe.

MatrixStore clusters come in a pair of configurations: MatrixStore Enterprise and MatrixStore Quattro. Quattro (24-192TB capacity) is commonly used in outside broadcast capacities and more compact post-production spaces and up to 4 can be linked for combined performance and space. Enterprise nodes are rack mounted with CPU, networking and storage components, collaborating for multiple Petabytes capacity and high-level performance and scaling clusters as required.

Access Tools


There's no point leaving data squatting in secure storage, gathering cobwebs. Generating attention and business means leveraging media and data as new opportunities emerge. Object Matrix provides access and asset management tools to make this as simple as possible. MatrixStore Vision is a clear, sharp browser-based interface for searching and previewing content, uploading and downloading data and managing stored assets. Migrating data between PCs and secure storage platforms is low-lag and pain-free, especially with user-friendly move2 software, which uses the MatrixStore API to rapidly copy data between storage platforms and the MatrixStore archive and institute automatic policies for data movement and restoration. You can set up automate backups to third party archive platforms for extra peace of mind as well.

Object Matrix's MXFS, FTPConnect and SMB connections provide file systems to access data, enabling high-performing file based workflows avoiding network share bottlenecks. The open, formidable MatrixStore API making workflow integration unintimidating. Third party plugins guarantee useful, and profitable, integration of MatrixStore with your existing workflows. Object Matrix work with the biggest manufacturers for best-quality workflow integration, like Cantemo, Grass Valley and Sony Media Navigator. Collaboration with Avid and their Web Services makes MatrixStore the ideal nearline archive for Avid Interplay projects.

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