The Panasas ActiveStor is a new generation, hybrid scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) kit powered by the PanFS parallel file system. It's built for the high capacity flexibility and performance demands of large-scale research locations and enterprises.

Hybrid Storage


ActiveStor is a new-gen storage blade hardware system fuelled by the PanFS hybrid architecture. It provides data sets with performance and capacity highlights such as the intelligent flash acceleration of I/O-heavy workflows, cost-efficient SATA drives, absolute parallel data path design for optimal operation strength and a linearly scalable namespace. The storage shelves are home to a mixture of director and storage blades, the latter in particular built to tend to heavy metadata request loads and NFS and enterprise CIFS protocol support. Essentially, the hybrid architecture is a best of both worlds solution for data storage, taking advantage of the unique features of SATA and flash drives for intelligent balanced performance at a cost that makes financial sense.

Legacy architectures are built for a multi-pronged approach to performance and capacity solutions: ActiveStor innovates on typical NAS scale qualities by simultaneously delivering linear scalability, high performance, high reliability rates and user-friendly data management, features that conventional NAS storage hardware might struggle with one their own. ActiveStor's ground-breaking diversity is designed to satisfy modern market demand and provide an answer to the hyper-growth of unstructured data used every day by technical computing and large-scale business applications.

Linear Scalability

ActiveStor's linear scalability makes it an excellent solution to large-scale data management needs, bringing efficient scaling for multiple protocols including DirectFlow and CIFS. RAID protection and performance scales as more client nodes are added, and network bandwidth scales as the system evolves. Capacity can stretch to a whopping 12 Petabytes thanks to extra storage and director blades, using special share nothing architecture for near-zero slowdown rates, allowing for more users and more frequent access without bringing performance down. Scale-out NAS and its features are designed to address the quickly expanding data quantities that data storage systems are being called to deal with without scary leaps in cost and manpower.

RAID protection isn't known for helping scalability – often getting in the way – but ActiveStor

deploys innovative per-file RAID infrastructure with robust RAID 6+ triple-parity data protection to minimise the amount of files damaged by the drive failures that often accompany system scales, establishing a new standard for the relationship between file security and scaled reliability.

ActiveStor's strong performance is guaranteed by parallel data transfer techniques, which deliver tremendous data transfer speeds compared to serialized architectures. Flash acceleration giving high IOPs for small file workloads. Expanded metadata performance brings you better processing speeds, direct data access fast file data transfers, automated load balancing and no hotspots for optimized performance and linear performance scaling that cuts out need for various storage islands. PanFS storage system leverages parallel data paths for better flow, further enhanced by DirectFlow, which processes metadata outside data paths.

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