ProMax provide shared storage and media asset management solutions to media and content companies who value asset security.

ProMAX Platform


ProMAX Platform is optimised for high volume, high resolution video performance, boasting built in online/offline proxy based workflow for high-res workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and high bandwidth 4K+ video performance. Share media and file across creative teams and facilities with uninterrupted playback and use media and user management options to control who has access to what. Expands with multi-node structure for Terabytes to Petabytes and faster streaming speeds. Security comes as standard, with advanced RAID striping, data mirroring and flexible backup options.

The ProMAX Platform family has five siblings, built for the needs of users in different media and data environments. Platform Pro-Cache is a powerful network backup and archive with strong workflow server capability, with full file and metadata search and proxy generation, coming in LTO6 and LTO7 models with 10GB storage. Platform Portable is built for teams on the go, working with third party storage with its Thunderbolt, FW and USB connections and offering Asset Management tools for locating, preview and tagging media and automatic transcoding (up to 2TB SSD storage).

Platform Studio is designed for smaller studios and operations, an unintrusive, ingest-friendly server with tape backup (2.5-5TBs each). Platform Online is a high-performance workflow server capable of simultaneous ingesting, editing, transcoding, rendering and archiving. More ambitious is the Platform Nearline, its generous storage capacity coming with easy online/nearline transfer arrangements and strong multi-node architecture.

Media Management


ProMAX Platform operates with an intuitive Media Asset Management interface, letting you organise and catalogue assets from a single entry point. Search, tag, make notes, add metadata and share media. Works with current external drives for an all-around asset management approach. Platform can even tag metadata automatically to save you the hassle: just set up protocols and let it run. Built for maximum user flexibility when it comes to access and engagement, using automatic server based proxy generation for playback of high-res video in the office or at home.

Search and preview media stored in the Platform Archiving system with low-res proxies and metadata and perform archiving with standard file formats like LTFS and Tar for future-proofing. LTO is notoriously cost effective, with up to 10TB or media on a single LTO7 cartridge. With efficient hybrid storage options of online and offline, you can co-ordinate storage while your media and business needs grow.

ProMAX Platform gives you speedy ingest from external cameras or switchers to shared storage, using SDI Direct Capture to grab live footage instantly. Create, edit and produce media directly on shared storage systems, whether you're working in Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Creative Cloud, and collaborate with ease, offloading renders to Platform so you can get get on with the creative work. Transcoding media for post produciton is simple with conversion to mezzanine codec for workgroups. And, of course, you get fully integrated Backup and Archival operations across the board with One Integrated Catalog for comprehensive admin.

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