M|80 is a portable capture device supporting 8 HD channels, ideal for multicam live recording events.

Connect with your Mac with a single Thunderbolt 2 connection and take advantage of the 8-input SDI video card and 8 MovieRecorder licenses. It's small, quiet and unintrusive in design with a case for portability. M|62 records 6 and plays 2 HD channels, no transfer time, edit-while-ingest. Excellent for live productions with multiple camera/display needs. M|44 lets you record and play 4 channels, while M|8R has 8 HD channels and comes bundled with M|Replay.

M|Replay is Softron's Mac-ready instant replay software for video production or sports adjucation environments, featuring the tools needed to get the most useful and accurate replays, including SDI ouput, adjustable playback speed and a playlist editor. M|Replay is compatible with popular video devices from AJA and Blackmagic Design and the Softron M|80, M|62 or M|44. The flexible input/output options and drag and drop user interface tools mean you can customize for individual setups and run replay analysis and clip management via handy controls and shortcuts.