Softron produce the OnTheair range, a video software range that gives you OnTheAir Video Express, OnTheAir Video, OnTheAir Node, OnTheAir Live and OnTheAir Manager.


OnTheAir CG is excellent for character generation and OnTheAir Studio for radio playout. OnTheAir Supports and can mix and match most file wrappers and video docs and gives you alpha channel clip control. Interface makes it sasy to navigate playout app, create and view playlists (Express doesn't have graphic overlay or smart resize). Smart Playout Engine allows for multiple HD channel playouts at different resolutions and specs, and GPI integration with Video Mixer. OnTheAir supports Quicktime and MXF files.

MovieStreamer HLS is nimble, intuitive live streaming piece of software designed for MAC users seeking ways to stream professional quality audio and video online, encoding video into HTTP Live and streams to multiple, customizable destinations.

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