Media and data assets need a robust and flexible media asset management system to help you leverage and extract value from the material you have on deck. Sony's Media Navigator is a high-performing management solution to help you get the most from your content, an especially useful choice for smaller and medium sized production and media environments.

Manage Your Media


Media Navigator helps you optimise content workflow through-lines, right from ingest through cataloguing, editing, reviewing, distributing and archiving. Flexible and intuitively scalable, Media Navigator benefits single users and wider workgroups.

Media Navigator is a highly durable, long-lasting storage medium providing online and offline shelf management of content and is perfect partner for enterprises currently using Sony's Optical Disk Archive. It offers support for common data and file applications like Catalyst Prepare, Tape Digitize Station PWS-100TD1, XDCAM Juke XDJ-1000, Network, watchfolder and ftp and delivers silky smooth integration with your non-linear editing systems so you can take care of content while you're working. A flexible, customizable workflow creation toolset comes with an intuitive CMP so you can configure workflows for your own production needs, and cut down on the inefficiencies that large banks of files can often generate, all without breaking the bank.

The Sony Media Navigator supports all types of online storage, working with DAS, NAS and network accessed SAN for flexible storage options. Fully integrated with Sony Optical Disc Archive, ODA Drive (USB) and ODA Library (FM API). Navigator runs on common OS, including Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, common Windows and Mac apps and third party PC and server hardware. 

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