A lot can happen in a century. 100 years ago, phone numbers were two digits long. So, it's a long time. Sony's Optical Disc Archive can store data assets securely for up to 100 years, a future-proof medium that combines long-term storage life with affordable cost, making it a rock amongst the market's storage formats. The Vatican, who know a thing or two about storing valuables over extensive periods of time, trusts Sony's Optical Disk Archive.

Iron-Clad Asset Protection

iron clad

You need to keep your media and data safe from the misfortunes of storage environments. Large-scale media enterprises have a raft of storage formats available to ensure they get the solution that works for them and Sony's Optical Disc Archive is a proven, robust storage platform, without the potential wear and tear of magnetic tapes. ODA lasts up to a century with no specialised storage environment and scales as your business advances and pivots over time, expanding from 3.3TB right up to a generous 1.7 Petabytes with strong backward compatibility and minimal failure rates.

Protection is essential for the present as well as the future. The pressures of production mean catching the best footage and quickly making use of it. ODA's Archive at Source function stores all your rushes safely and at hand's reach, parking them in archive for longer-term safe keeping without the need for lugging around external hard drives.

Workflow Integration


ODA's high performance lasers transfer data with haste, ensuring fast read times so there's less waiting about on writing to or accessing storage. Good transfer rates keep workflows ticking over, and file attachment on the network means no migration, without direct playback from archive for quick restoration.

Standalone ODA can be transported across production locations and facilities and provide consistent storage for editing software and other apps in the studio, available in a variety of types and sizes for on-site backup for data protection as you go, with user-friendly nearline capacity. Small libraries are ideal for hungry digital and media companies working with multiple apps and users or teams who need to work with data, featuring mini-robotic toolsets to manage and access in a way tape and disk cannot. The more dynamic, expandable deep and nearline libraries are designed to evolve with your needs, giving rich, comprehensive asset control and flexible capacity.

Integrate ODA with your workflow and make archiving intuitively simple, or even automate it so users can get on with the work that matters. It can be accessed just like a hard drive with the asset management system, so there's no extra lag-time in browsing, location and playing back saved media and is compatible with video and audio editing and other third-party software. ODA drives and libraries integrate on the network, accessible like a hard drive and the ODA automated libraries scale from single 3.3TB cartridge systems to larger rack configurations with 500 cartridges. ODA cuts down on storage costs too, not requiring the controlled conditions of conventional tape, the need for regular, time-intensive file migration and the media loss that can occur with disk failure.

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