Wary of putting all their eggs in one basket, media and data storage services are learning the advantages of genetically diverse, multiple-solution storage platforms, combining the best of several worlds so that clients get the maximum benefits. Spectra's ArcticBlue is an object storage based disk storage platform that brings users a diverse, cost-efficient means of managing data storage, archive and retrieval.

Flexible Hybrid Storage


ArcticBlue takes advantage of Spectra BlackPearl's hybrid storage scaffolding and Spectra's Singled Magnetic Recording (SMR) media, a magnetic storage data recording tech with parallel track design used in hard disk drives (HDDs) to boost storage density, for a robust tape-centred storage platform. ArticBlue is designed for durability and reliability, keeping data and media secure but accessible and helps you work quickly with speedy random recall and a parallel access tool across simultaneous bands and nodes. The BlackPearl deep storage platform produces diverse copies of files across customized combinations of storage media, including SAS HHDs, SATA HDDs, TS1150 and LTO-7 tape.

This diversity helps protect and future proof your data, a multi-pronged media housing strategy that adapts to your storage needs and preferences. Get failsafe protection against corruption or system failure in any particular format or facility location by using BlackPearl's ABM for proliferating multiple, reliable, duplicated copies. Spectra's Drive Lifecycle Management, Triple Parity and ZFS tech helps enhance disk archive longevity and integrity and eliminate redundancy loss, so even the most dated data stays ready to be deployed.   

Media Management Interface

A user-conscious S3 interface connects user applications directly with deep storage disk and tape, compatible with existing S3 clients with flexible location and time options and very little readjustment. BlackPearl's Advanced Bucket Management (ABM) feature-set is able to fully automate the whole deep storage process, implementing policy choices on diverse media types without middleware to manage libraries and move data to tape files. Data management is built-in for ease of use, offering tools for data retention and retrieval. Private cloud access gives user control of data over the access, storage structure and lifespan and their data.  

Low Cost of Entry

low cost

The strong storage performance comes at affordable rates, thanks to the relative low cost of digital tape, long recognised in data storage circles for its resource-efficient storage. ArcticBlue offers a price calculator for various ArcticBlue configurations, but prices can go as low as 10 cents per GB, half the cost of industry-standard nearline storage. Begin with as few as 60 drives in a 4u setup, coming in at 440TB, with room for expansion in capacity right up to over 6 Petabytes, ideal for large-scale media and data centres. When it comes to ArcticBlue, it's a case of the more the merrier.

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