Information wants to be free, as the phrase goes. Managing data means co-ordinated between various platforms and creative teams. So asset storage is a balancing act, between sturdy security, that protects the health of your precious material, and elastic, nimble access, that helps you access and leverage files when needed. The Spectra Blackpearl Deep Storage Gateway is built with this balance in mind, facilitatating user-friendly data movement with customizable, sturdy storage solutions.

Storage Solutions


Blackpearl keeps costs down by using tape, the industry's most cost-effective storage material, scaling as needed to exabyte capacity and encouraging reductions in OPEX related expenditure with a cloud-based deep storage architecture that keeps financial cost of setup and maintenance low. You can integrate Blackpearl with minimal software fuss, bringing deep storage answers with RESTful interfaces. Long-term, or deep, storage means no need to continually move data to separate storage platforms, minimizing time spent moving data so little user experience of tape library storage is required. 

Blackpearl lets you copy data to a public cloud for customers who need access, or use the cloud in their operations, with diverse cloud options that can integrate directly with Amazon S3 Standard, Standard-IA and Glacier. Blackpearl allows for an additional tier of reliable data storage, via nearline disk tape and Amazon Web Series. High-performance transfer of bulk data to deep storage, with quick reads and data offloads to tape make it simply to retain important data indefinitely, with support for different drive generations to newer tape media formats. Intelligent data writing and data policies give users control over how many copies are made and where they go. Data is protected with controllable and diverse storage: make extra copies onto IBM TS1150 tape, LTO-7 tape, SAD HDD and SATA HDD.

Diverse Product Range


BlackPearl comes in 3 different variants, designed for differing levels of enterprises. The BlackPearl V Series is the entry-level model, ideal for companies without overpowered demands for tape archiving. It still packs a punch though, storing up to 300 million objects, transferring data to tape at 300 MB/s, built with 2 400GB solid state database disks in a compact 2u casing (optional upgrade to 10 x 4TB  (or 8TB) enterprise SAD HDDS for cache). 

The Blackpearl S Series is built for medium to large archive solutions, offering storage of up to 1 billion objects with tape transfer at 800MB/s, coming with up to six 400GB solid state database disks in a 4u build (upgrade to 20 x 4TB (or 8TB) enterprise SAD HDDs for higher speed cache).  The BlackPearl P Series is the big daddy of the bunch, the ideal choice for companies with large, ongoing data transfer, archive and access needs. Coming in  a 4u form with up to six 400GB solid state database disks, it can store up to 1 billion objects, transfering data at a blistering 3000MB/s. (optional upgrade to 10 x 1920GB disks for cache).

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