Spectra offers a diverse buffet of tape storage solutions for users and companies who need secure, reliable long-term storage for data and files. Their family of tape libraries run the capacity gauntlet, but all bring support, reliability and performance to the table.

Tfinity And Tfinity ExaScale


At the top of the scale is the Spectra Tfinity ExaScale Edition, a high-powered, high-density platform that offers the industry's highest data storage capacity, still optimised for scalability and space efficiency. The ExaScale Edition is a beast piece of hardware, running up to nearly 54,000 LTO slots for over 320PB (801PB compressed) of data space, and managed by a speedy robotic picker to meet the demands of hyper-busy media and data environments like video and digital media archives. 

Both the Tfinity and Tfinity ExaScale offer up to 144 drives for large-scale storage and support LTO and IBM's TS11X0 formats, though the ExaScale also supports Oracle StorageTek T10000 tape tech for wide storage flexibility. Packed with advanced data management tools, these are excellent solutions for facilities with intensive computing and storage needs, providing a formidable and scalable storage architecture.

Spectra T950

Spectra T950 is a strong storage solution with rich data archive, backup and recovery options, an intelligently designed platform with high storage density and smart, customizable, proactive data management to keep on top of your stored data. The T950 offers up to 120 drives, just over 10,000 LTO slots and 60PB (150PB compressed) of data space and comes with toolsets and data verification features for robust data reliability. Compatible with all major backup apps, operating systems and software packages, the T950 is used by demanding data sites like universities and research facilities.

Leaner Storage


From then on, the storage capacity drops for storage platforms more suited to medium and smaller size enterprises with less intensive archive needs or limited budgets. Affordable but still highly reliable, the Spectra T200, T380 and T680 are smartly transformable and customizable, so you can interchange components and build the system you need. The T680 expands up to 670 LTO slots for generous capacity of 4PB (10PB compressed); the T380 scales from 50 to 380 slots and 12 LTO drives for storage room of over 2.2PB (5.7PB compressed); finally, the T200 scales from 50 to 200 slots for 1.2PB (3PB compressed) space with up to 8 LTO drives. All of these storage kits come with comprehensive tools for managing and protecting data, easily accessed through touchscreen or remote interfaces. 

The Spectra T120 uses LTO tape and is an extremely user friendly library system, designed to make accessing, managing and maintaining your file collections a simple exercise, installing quickly and reliable. The youngest sibling of the family is the Spectra T50e, a compact but secure library with a limit of 4 drives with a still-useful storage of up to 750 Terabytes. Comes with advanced LTO tech for assuring library management control and security guaranteed via integrated BlueScale Encryption.

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