StorageDNA work with feature film, television and content professionals across the world to help them gain control over digital workflows. StorageDNA provide solutions to issues of backing up and archiving content, securing protection for digital assets, and browsing and retrieving important material.



DNAevolution is StorageDNA's flagship workflow solution system, working off Liner Tape Open (LTO) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technologies to provide media businesses with highly cost-efffective, responsive LTO and LTFS nearline and archive systems. DNAevolution's USP is its flexible deployment for arranging and organising file structures and integrating them into workflows. The archiving system is open and scalable, securely storing all your data and metadata while offering quick and responsive access, and providing advanced annotating and locating tools, so digital assets can be leveraged and repacked for the demands of the modern media environment. The storage space is designed to grows as your needs evolve, offering capacities right up to Petabytes and beyond without loss of response time thanks to its clustered, intelligent file architecture.

DNAevolution integrates easily with most common third-party applications and open storage systems. High-resolution content won't clog up workflows thanks to the ability to switch between resolutions for efficient workflows and quick retrieval and a fully automated LTO pipeline for editing in low-res and mastering in high-res. Comes with automated Avid and Adobe project backup, DR and archiving and comprehensive data management tools for Avid software including Avid Interplay. DNAevolution reliably archives original camera masters to LTO LTFS and its features include built-in camera archive asset manager, comprehensive Avid data management and checksum verification for absolute error-free security.

LTO Tape keeps costs low (significant lower than external hard drives and Storage Area Networks) while not compromising integrity and offers decades -long shelf stable for long-term storage. LTFS, or 'Tape NAS', is a hybrid that combines the benefits of LTO with the direct access convenience of disks so users can work with archive and nearline storage together. DNAevolution is uniquely designed for LTFS, cutting down on the inefficiencies of advanced media operations.

DNAfusion and DNAsync


StorageDNA also provide DNAfusion and DNAsynic applications for high-performance media management. DNAfusion is an innovative storage solution based on Sony Optical Disc Archive media and capable of half-century archive life. It's excellent for browsing, playing, sub-clipping and transcoding media and is compatible with desktop and scalable library configurations (45-800TB). Open store structure means smooth management of graphics, video, audio and RAW files.

DNAsync is a high performance media sychronization engine ideal for syncing substantial media sets across LAN or WAN networks, built with multi-tier architecture for optimal speed of media migration. Buffer size tweaking and multi-streaming mean higher date rates for quicker collaboration and clients can connect directly for streamlined data transfer with no central bottleneck. DNAsync works with Avid Unity/ISIS, XSAN, EditShare, Facilis and all common media SANs and offers advanced tools for path mapping, pre/post scripting, UNC support, TCP/IP acceleration and data protection, all managed from a central web based user interface.

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