When it comes to media and content workflows, you need the speed and agility of a wild cat. Tiger Technology's line of Tiger Series workflow solutions are built for optimising the workflow process, delivering a shared storage platform that helps creatives and professionals build amazing content together.

The Tiger Series is an all-round workflow and shared storage platform, The Tiger Workflow System simplifies storage management and accelerates workflows for a collaborative and responsive media project. Use for production and post and team collaborations on video editing, effects, grading, audio and other media work.

Tiger Store

tiger store

Tiger Store is the core shared storage software, building a smart, collaborative shared storage workflow platform for your media content, accessible through the simple Tiger Store interface. Share media and metadata, pair up on projects and work at peak productivity. Tiger Store works with common software apps, including Avid bin locking, and runs regular defrags for the best performance and uptime. Compatible with common shelf server and workstation hardware and layers its management system over native environment for enhanced functionality and data transparency.

Tiger Box

tiger box

The Tiger Box delivers storage workflow system provides workflow solutions for busy, content-rich apps, providing high-performing shared storage network to share and distribute data and metadata and collaborate on projects. A complete workflow system that enhances rich media production via s simple interface for storing, sharing and collaborating on media work with choice of 1GbW, 10GbE, 8GbFC and 16GbFC setups with easy connection to clients and automated lifecycle management.  Tiger Box is an excellent solution for on set high-res film capture, film colour grading, special FX and editing workgroups, surveillance and satellite imaging. Combines the ease of use of NAS with SAN performance, and the compact rack-mountable system pairs Metadata Master and optimized RAID storage, offering 16 enterprise-class drives. Expand to 384TB with up to four Tiger Expansion chassis, or purchase compact and SSD variants.

Tiger Serve

tiger serve

Tiger Serve Shared Storage Workflow Controller is Tiger's peak shared storage workflow solution, offering enterprise-class High Availability for job-critical workflows and expansive potential for performance and scalability for the most pressured rich media applications. The high spec package is dedicated to strong uptime and productivity, with automatic defragmentation, and simple network connections for the most demanding workflows. An excellent storage platform for digital effcets and finishing, FX and editing, broadcast and content delivery, offering an alternative to Avid Unity/ISIS. Multiple clients can share high-speed access to NTFs shared media for boosted collaboration and the server nodes act as high availability clusters for consistent protection.

Streamline Workflows

Get all your visual effects, graphics, colour grading and finishing work streamlined into one platform on the Tiger Series, with multi-user access for project sharing and hi-res video playback and customized tiering. With AvidFS emulation, multiple Avid systems can share acccess to the same Avid project. Mac OS X and Windows editors can work together on Adobe, Avid, Autodesk, Blackmagic apps and more.

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