Broadcast production operations produce a dizzying amount of data and files, files that need to be corralled, integrated and passed to the right departments and the right hardware. And those files have to be ready for broadcast or for editing, with the correct attributes and qualities so creatives and professional can get on with the job at hand. Vidcheck produces software to help you keep on top of your media, and Vidchecker is their solution for monitoring video and audio media across workflow systems.

Video Checking

video checking

Vidchecker checks the file, video and audio parameters of your media, paying attention to video and audio quality and viability and automatically adjusting deviant video and audio levels. Multiple levels of control built-in: information, warning, fail on error and correct on error. Diverse media support, working with SD, SD, HD and 4K and mixed workflows and API web services for absolute integraton with production and broadcast workflows and media asset management systems. Vidchecker provides simple workflow integration and support, with customizable filtering protocols, report automation and media relocation.

Vidchecker integrates with the most popular production and broadcast workflows thanks to API web services and simple integration. Strong performance with its rapid parallel processing, optimum CPU and core usage. Vidchecker offers smart video checks, correcting errors and quality problems like black levels in the video luma level, color limit levels on the video chroma, gamut and legality problems with the video RGB. Insert, remove and alter length of colour bars and black sequences, timecodes and frame qualities like size, rate and aspect ratio. Automatically adjust audio peak values that break the limits, using patented algorithms to analyze and refit the relevant limit violations without impacting the integrity or quality of the footage.

Vidchecker applies its checks and balances to audio as well, able to correct out of limit audio peak and audio loudness levels like loudness measured to ITU -R BS.1770 and fixed to required loudness, ensuring levels and correct to legal ATSC A/85 (CALM) and EBU R128 requirements. Built with quick fixing tools for channel configuration, audio bitrate, bit depth and sample rate.

High Integration at Low Cost


Results are quickly digestible with incremental task display, live video thumbnails, detailed timecodes and media players to play at alert points. Comprehensive, useful reports in HTML, XML and PDF formats, compatible with style sheets and open to user annotation and comments. All versions of Vidchecker are fully featured, affordable to companies at a range of size and budget levels, keeps additional training and support costs down with no pricey upgrades to sneak up on you.

Thorough software design with built-in templates (ATSC, SMPTE, iTunes etc.), containers (MXF, MPEG-2 TS, MP4, MOV etc.), video codecs (MPEG-2, DV/DVCPro etc.), audio codecs (MPEG1/2, PCM, WAV, MP3 etc.) and closed captions or subtitles. Quality checks for a wide spectrum of video parameters, including frame size, rate, frame aspect ratio, pixel aspect ratio, cadence, luminance, corrupt frames, letterboxing, colour bars and more. And audio checks for bit depth, sample rate, channel layout, phase coherence, minimum and peak levels, clicks and pops and more. Nothing gets past Vidchecker.

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