New York-based XenData specialise in professional data storage solutions tailored for creative media and video production, used internationally in broadcast stations, post-production and video enterprises, and security and surveillance facilities. Keep your data and your assets secure and flexible.

XenData provide data storage systems designed for secure, longer term retention and retrieval of video files. They offer a broad range of storage solutions, including Linear Tape - Open magnetic tape (LTO) cartridges, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) cartridges, RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), Continuous Data Protection (CDP), and back up services on local LTO libraries or Amazon cloud storage. Their DX-240 archive system is available with RAID capacities to 240 TB and delivers strong data protection,with continuous backup to an LTO library, an ODA library or the Amazon cloud.

LTO Archives


XenData produce a variety of LTO-7 storages in the SXL line. The SXL-8 packs 42TB of library capacity, the SXL-4200 boasts 270TB capacity (comes with one or two LTO drives) and the SXL-6200 comes with initial space of 180TB but can be boosted to 540TB (one or two LTO-7 drives). The most substantial storage option is the SXL-6500, which jumps from 180TB right to 1.8PB, and is available with up to 10 drives, the ideal option for large-scale operations that require substantial storage space. The LTO-7 range is compatible with a wide range of applications used in the video surveillance and media industry including most media asset management systems. Archiving occurs at the speed of disk without any of the delays associated with the access time of LTO cartridges and restoring multiple files is optimized in the system and all support unlimited offline capacity.

Other XenData products work with LTO-6. The SXL-1 combines the SX-10 Archive Appliance and an external IBM LTO-6 drive; the SXL-2 has two external IBM LTO-6 drives. The X2500-USB is perfect for media and content professionals who need dependable, simple archive system for media intensive file use and includes a LTO-6 drive with USB 3.0 port and XenData6 Workstation software. The X2500-SAS includes an external LTO-6 drive with SAS interface, PCIe card and connection slot for desktop. The LTO-7 range's XenData software makes it easy to transfer files to and from LTO using drag and drop or copy and paste. Files may be archived to LTO from any accessible logical drive letter or network share.

Sony and LTO Archive Servers


The SX-10 Archive Appliance is a more affordable but still robust solution for professionals and small enterprises that need to manage LTO drives and robotic libraries. Comes with either SAS of fibre channel ports compatible with common LTO products and Sony Optical Disc Archive ODS-L30M libraries. The SX-250 Archive Server manages LTO-7 libraries up to 540 TB, Sony Optical Disc Archive libraries up to 196 TB or a VTL in Amazon Cloud to 1 Petabyte and works with either robotic libraries from Dell, HP and other popular manufacturers. The SX-550 series are high-performance archive servers that manage LTO and Sony ODA libraries up to multiple Petabytes and offer cluster support from a range of library manufacturers.

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