• Spectra ArcticBlue

    Wary of putting all their eggs in one basket, media and data storage services are learning the advantages of genetically diverse, multiple-solution storage platforms, combining the best of several worlds so that clients get the maximum benefits.

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  • Spectra Blackpearl

    Information wants to be free, as the phrase goes. Managing data means co-ordinated between various platforms and creative teams. So asset storage is a balancing act, between sturdy security, that protects the health of your precious material, and elastic, nimble access, that helps you access and leverage files when needed.

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  • Spectra Tape Libraries

    Spectra offers a diverse buffet of tape storage solutions for users and companies who need secure, reliable long-term storage for data and files. Their family of tape libraries run the capacity gauntlet, but all bring support, reliability and performance to the table.

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