• Avid Nexis

    Avid NEXIS Media production demands time, energy and space. Projects put stress on workflows and bandwidths, and the more complex they get, the more difficult collaboration becomes.

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  • Avid Price Increase

    These include the Avid NEXIS PRO, Avid NEXIS Enterprise E2 and E4, NEXIS Share Bundles, Pro Tools HDX, and several items in the S6 product line.

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  • Digital Garage Partner with Pixit Media

    Digital Garage Partner with Pixit Media to provide Industry leading high performance storage solutions:

    Digital Garage has made a name for itself by providing progressive, creative and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by today’s media producers and educational facilities. Both Pixit Media and Digital Garage provide a consultative approach to media challenges, creating solutions to fit client’s specific needs. Taking Pixit Media’s understanding of the storage infrastructure requirements for media and combining with the expertise from Digital Garage on applications and workflow enables us to deliver solutions designed to exact client requirements.

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  • EditShare Ark

    Integrated and Powerful archiving solution

    Your media is precious and securing assets away from your online production storage is essential - that's why we developed Ark. Whether you're looking to make short-term backups of your media and project files, or you want to temporarily "park" a project, or you want to build a permanent tape archive, there is an Ark solution for you.

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  • G-Technology Creative Enthusiast

    G-Technology makes high-performance storage tech for in-demand media and creative professionals. Media producers, whether amateur, freelance or professional, need robust but affordable storage solutions to keep precious media content under lock and key. G-Technology's Creative Enthusiast roster includes the slim, portable G-DRIVE ev and G-DRIVE Mobile lines, but adds powerful bits of home storage hardware as well.

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  • G-Technology Creative Professional

    Creative and media producers operating at the top of their game need media storage and protection solutions that do the same. G-Technology's formidable catalogue includes rugged-ready portable storage solutions like the G-DRIVE ev and G-DRIVE Mobile, and mid-market hardware for creative enthusiasts, hobbyists and freelancers like the G-SPEED and G-RAID lines.

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  • G-Technology On The Go

    More and more rich media is being creating on the go, whether it's audio, video capture and vlogging, photography and other collaborative media work, and creatives need to be trust their portable data storage solutions. G-Technology's line of sturdy drive tech includes a roster of G-DRIVE devices to help you protect and store media content when the office is far, far away.

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  • IBC 2017 Avid Nexis



    Enhanced performance

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  • IBC 2017 - Quantum


    Xcellis Foundation is a brand new entry level StorNext 6 storage system for small workgroups and boutique facilities

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  • Object Matrix

    Object Matrix is a Welsh company dedicated to enhanced data storage solutions for media and data-intensive operations. They provide archive and retrieval solutions and systems integration designed from by storage industry experts with user experience in mind. MatrixStore, their core nearline storage solution, comes in a range of configurations and is scalable as the needs and demands of the business develop.

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  • Panasas ActiveStor

    The Panasas ActiveStor is a new generation, hybrid scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) kit powered by the PanFS parallel file system. It's built for the high capacity flexibility and performance demands of large-scale research locations and enterprises.

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  • ProMax Platform Workflow

    ProMax provide shared storage and media asset management solutions to media and content companies who value asset security.

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  • Sony Optical Disc Archive

    A lot can happen in a century. 100 years ago, phone numbers were two digits long. So, it's a long time. Sony's Optical Disc Archive can store data assets securely for up to 100 years, a future-proof medium that combines long-term storage life with affordable cost, making it a rock amongst the market's storage formats.

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  • Spectra ArcticBlue

    Wary of putting all their eggs in one basket, media and data storage services are learning the advantages of genetically diverse, multiple-solution storage platforms, combining the best of several worlds so that clients get the maximum benefits.

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  • Spectra Tape Libraries

    Spectra offers a diverse buffet of tape storage solutions for users and companies who need secure, reliable long-term storage for data and files. Their family of tape libraries run the capacity gauntlet, but all bring support, reliability and performance to the table.

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  • The Importance of Video Storage


    By bluejuicevideo

    Data storage is probably not the most exciting topics in the post production world, but is arguably one of the most important. Your video assets are incredibly valuable and it’s essential they are stored and managed on a fit-for-purpose system, and this is one of the biggest challenges a video production agency faces.

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  • Tiger Technology

    When it comes to media and content workflows, you need the speed and agility of a wild cat. Tiger Technology's line of Tiger Series workflow solutions are built for optimising the workflow process, delivering a shared storage platform that helps creatives and professionals build amazing content together.

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  • Xendata

    New York-based XenData specialise in professional data storage solutions tailored for creative media and video production, used internationally in broadcast stations, post-production and video enterprises, and security and surveillance facilities. Keep your data and your assets secure and flexible.

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