Who we are

A dynamic team of tech experts

It all started back in 2001, although things look very different today. With a current product portfolio we once only dreamed of, we make it our business to look forward, challenge and innovate every day. And whilst our team, our premises, our ambitions – and our client list – have all grown over the years, our values never change:

Integrity and Transparency -

You’ll always know where you are with us

Passion and Commitment -

You’ll feel it, don’t worry!

Dynamic, but focused -

We’ll keep things moving, starting with the end in mind

Experienced and Creative -

Our knowledge, skills and imagination work for you every time.

We’re based in Oxfordshire, but our reach is both national and international, with projects successfully completed across Europe, and in Africa, South America and Asia.

Digital Garage is an established yet growing business, with all of our staff directly involved in client-facing activities day-to-day. Whether engaged in support, consultancy or sales activities we all have a technical background in one or more of the specialist areas that we work in, and pride ourselves in our passion for, commitment to and understanding of our clients and the work they do. Every member of the Digital Garage team plays a vital part in our continuing story.


Mike Whelan - Managing Director

Digital Garage’s founder and visionary. Responsible for our strategic development, and day-to-day operations direction.

An all-round guru on broadcast solutions, Mike is heavily involved in our workflow consultancy and systems design projects, and is often found pitching in on-site during large installations. He’s interested both in possibilities beyond what is already obvious, and in the ways these possibilities might affect others.

Given half a chance, he’ll hold forth on the loneliness of the long distance runner and the magnificence of Leinster and Ireland Rugby for hours!


Matt Seymour – Operations Director

Matt is responsible for technical projects from initial consultancy through test, commission and training.

His role is strongly strategic, but he still gets stuck into customer projects, especially Pro audio and systems integration.

Matt is an Avid approved Pro Tools operator and an Avid Certified Support Representative for Pro Tools.

A sometime keeper of a crazed Mexican dog, he’s also a dyed-in-the-wool yellow belly with a penchant for whittling wood into mighty ‘axes’.


Charles Manolescue - Sales Director

With 30+ years’ experience in media and entertainment frontline sales, Charles can well remember lo-band U-matic and Plumbicon tube cameras, although his current knowledge is bang up to date.

His level-headed and pragmatic approach to sales ensures customers get the right kit at the right price.

Away from the office Charles enjoys life in the slow lane, spending time on his beautiful barge seeing off all the gongnoozlers (that’s people who like watching others on the canals but not taking part themselves, to you and me!) Formerly a keen motorcyclist, the narrowboat has significantly reduced both his desire for speed and his need for blood pressure tablets.


Sarah Whelan - Finance Director

After working at Lloyds Bank for several years, Sarah joined an advertising agency to head up their finance department – this proved to be a great move on a personal level too, as it’s where she met the man of her dreams!

As well as being responsible for all the usual accounting procedures – VAT, ECSL, payroll and the like – Sarah’s other main task is trying to keep Caolan from barking at couriers.

A fan of fine wine and fine rugby - ideally at the same time - Sarah also enjoys watching Man City play ‘beautiful’ football.


Terry Millard - London Territories Sales Manager

Terry started out as an actor before stepping behind the scenes into broadcast facilities and hire.

His undeniable dedication to our customers and their needs has seen him form many lasting relationships and it’s this customer focus - combined with years of industry experience in post-production, outside broadcast, and film and TV production - that makes him the ideal person to head up our London operations.

Terry hasn’t forgotten his ‘lovie’ roots though, and has been known to tread the boards at his local amateur dramatics society. Just don't ask him to do his ‘Bottom’ for you.


Elliot Weaver - Internal Sales

Our sales guru and Adobe specialist, Elliot researches the best solutions for customers. After joining Digital Garage’s admin team, Elliot’s become a valued member of our sales team, dealing with all inbound enquiries.

Originally from Worcester, Elliot lived in Jersey before eventually settling in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside.

He spends most of his free time standing on terraces in cold muddy stadiums up and down the country, cheering on Leamington FC. Some might say he’s chasing a lost cause, but he lives in hope of FA Cup glory one day!


Victor Aberdeen – Senior Account Manager and Product Specialist

Colour management expert Victor is responsible for advising customers on the best post-production colour management and pipeline solutions. His passion and industry experience make him the go-to man for advice on all things imaging, monitoring and grading.

A fan of Turner’s Rain, Steam and Speed painting, Victor enjoys creating photographs that show the movement of life in a similarly abstract style. When he’s not busy producing these visual masterpieces, he loves to relax in the local branch of a leading Asian restaurant chain, enjoying a good meal and some good conversation.


Richard Hill – Engineering Manager

Richard has been with us almost since day one; he’s responsible for managing our technical support and installation operations.

A skilled integrator for a wide range of complex high-end production and post-production solutions, Richard’s at the heart of our technical team and spends his days making our solutions a practical reality.

He’s never happier than when introducing new Italian, Thai and Indian restaurants to his colleagues, friends and family.


Richard Smart – Senior Support Engineer

Richard’s the one leading all our high-end post installations. He also gets involved in the network architecture and system design aspects of our more complex post-production workflow solutions, calling on his detailed knowledge of the Avid Media Central platform and extensive networking expertise.

He's an Avid Elite ACSR for Media Composer, Interplay, Media Central, ISIS/NEXIS and iNews, and an EditShare authorised support representative.

When Richard’s not finding creative solutions for our customers, he’s finding creative ways to keep his children amused at weekends - which he says is harder than building a complex MAM!


Dal Jhinger - Support Engineer

Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Yorkshire, Solent University graduate Dal has been working in production and post-production for the last 15 years.

Engineer, Star Wars fan, raconteur, innovator, pirate, Whovian, poet, zombie hunter, hat wearer, husband, father. Dal is only some of these things.

One of his career highlights was meeting - and having a cuppa with - Christopher Lee. Dal is a big fan of stroopwafels – the Dutch wafer biscuits you balance on your mug so the steam from your cuppa softens the gooey caramel inside.


Sharon Godwin - Finance Assistant

Sharon’s the one who makes sure our customers are paying their bills on time – she loves working with figures, and after 20+ years, there isn’t an excuse for non-payment she hasn’t heard!

A Londoner by birth, she migrated to Essex where she spent her formative years.

In her spare time, she likes running, singing, dancing (around the kitchen, usually) and spending time with her family. And talking a lot (it goes with the job).


Carol Johnson - PA to the Directors

Superstar PA Carol keeps us all in line and on top of things with her excellent time management skills. Working in busy London offices gave her an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ mentality that comes in very handy at Digital Garage.

A kite-surfing widow, Carol is partial to the odd glass of rosé and knows more about SFPs than you could possibly imagine! She and her husband are the proud owners of Charlie-dog, who enjoys coming into the office every day to chase shadows.


Charlotte Bentham-Clark - Sales Support Co-ordinator

Charlotte cracks the whip to make sure all our customer orders are processed and sent out on time. Her background’s in hospitality management, but when she realised how much she enjoyed working on technical issues she started studying for a Computing and IT degree, which eventually led her to us.

She’s quickly picking up the Digital Garage mentality, enthusiastically getting stuck in to everything we throw her way. Any spare time she has between work and study is spent travelling around the British countryside or looking after her six-year-old tortoise, Squint.


Sam Davey – Stock Co-ordinator

Sam is our Goods in/Goods out guru, making sure all our stock records are always kept bang up to date so that customer orders are sent out on time.

With a background in the transport industry, Sam’s experienced in smoothing the journey to help freight goods travel around the world, whether that’s by sea, air or road.

As well as spending time with his young family, Sam’s a big football fan – he’s a supporter of Oxford United, who he describes as ‘the best football team in the world’.


Hewan Thomson – Junior Support Engineer

If our customers have any questions or need a bit of help, as our first line support engineer Hewan’s their first point of call.

Hewan previously worked for a post-production house in their accounting department, but came to Digital Garage to pursue a more technical role.

He’s loving learning more about everything we do – and getting experience in building everything from edit suites to high end storage - but he’s particularly passionate about audio solutions, and in his spare time records foley sound effects for video games and short films.


Peter Koufakis – Installation Engineer

Pete’s a real Jack-of-all-trades – as an Installation Engineer he turns his hand to everything from drafting technical drawings or planning a podcast studio installation, to making cables look pretty on a lighting rig five metres in the air!

After tiring of teaching maths to sometimes unruly students, Pete joined Digital Garage so he could use his problem-solving skills in a completely different environment.

Outside of work you might find him walking up a mountain, snowboarding down it, or in the sauna relaxing and thawing out!


Charlie, Caolan and Aoife

These three can be little troublemakers, but most of the time they do a great job keeping the office stress levels down.

Caolan is four years old. His main job – he seems to think – is to bark as much as possible at our many couriers and visitors. It’s possible that rewarding him with cheese has taught him that this is a good way to get treats – he might be smarter than we thought!

Charlie is eight and a half years old and well-behaved – unless there are shadows in the office that need to be barked at to make them move. He’ll follow anyone who has food for him, and has even worked out how to open drawers to help himself!

Seven-month old Aoife is our official office junior. She’s very keen but there’s a lot to learn - and we’re afraid the other two might be teaching her bad habits like lunchtime begging and barking at couriers! What Aoife lacks in experience she definitely makes up for in puppy cuteness.